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An Ultimate Guide on Outsourcing App Development in 2022

Usage of mobile continues to rise, due to which various mobile apps are released every day for mass usage. Online stores are flooded with various types of apps, which raises the competition out in the market to develop better, faster, smoother apps of different sorts and purposes. 

Gaming, Streaming, Utility, Info – what have you?
The Mobile app market has a large plethora of apps to choose from and every single one is dispensable.

Android users had the option of choosing from 3.48 million apps as of the first quarter of 2021, making the Google Play app store with the most options. With approximately 2.22 million iOS applications available, the Apple App Store was the second-largest app store.

Considering the following scenario, Most people have less than 8 hours to spend for themselves after working for at least 8 hours and sleeping for at least 8 hours – 4.8 hours of which they spend on apps every day!

That’s half of their life spent on apps.

Thus, it makes sense for businesses, and software firms to leverage some advantage in their mobile app development processes. 

Well, beyond a tech stack there are a few impactful aspects to consider.
One of which is Outsourcing App development.

Outsourcing mobile app development is ideal for brands to be “mobile-first,” with app development critical to success. It is not just because outsourcing is the need of the hour to counteract the pandemic slump, but because it is more cost-effective and is a risk-free approach for one-time app development (and in many cases for maintenance of the app as well).

The cost of app development has decreased with the help of outsourcing services where Outsourcing costs are reduced from a lopsided network of quality developers who are inexpensive and yet reliable. 

The Asian region benefits from outsourced app development trends, as illustrated below, due to low costs and excellent work quality.

smartphone users

There are approximately 6.64 billion smartphone users in the world as of January 2022, with an 83.96 percent penetration rate. People spend 90% of their time on mobile apps.

Outsourcing App Development: An Overview

For most firms, small and large, outsourcing app development appears to be a far better option. It is because you can hire a dedicated remote team for the project duration and then release them once your requirements have been met.

It is not only very cost-effective, but it also allows you to choose from some of the best app development businesses in the globe and select the one that best meets your requirements. You can choose from the most seasoned to the most cutting-edge teams.

Outsourcing app development is less expensive than hiring your own in-house team. If you pick a US-based outsourcing company, it will still be less expensive than most in-house development solutions. App development services from professional outsourcing suppliers in Eastern Europe, India, and Africa are considerably cheaper.

Compared to having an in-house team, finding skilled outsourcing application developers is a huge win for operational purposes.

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Some Successful Examples of Outsourcing App Development 

  • Slack
  • Slack was literally based on a solid outsourcing partnership.

Stewart Butterfield, the founder of Slack, felt he had a fantastic idea. He also realized he lacked the creative skills necessary to construct the brand, app, and marketing website to make his vision come true. That’s why, in 2012, Butterfield took his basic prototype to MetaLab, a user interface design firm. They collaborated to create the app from the ground up.

The tremendous growth of Slack speaks for itself. The collaborative platform is used by over 8 million active users every day.

  • Google
  • Google, the world’s most powerful tech company, is a massive supporter of outsourcing app development. 

It’s impossible to design every single product in-house for a firm with dozens of items and services to offer. According to a Bloomberg article from 2018, Google employed more contractors than in-house teams. 

From virtual assistant work to IT development, Google uses app development outsourcing to produce various products.

  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft hires an outsourcing company to build several initiatives that operate concurrently to its usual scope while having 131,000 in-house employees. Microsoft can keep its in-house personnel focused on their core projects while also enhancing their inventiveness by outsourcing specialist development tasks to other teams.

As you can see, app development outsourcing is a strategic win-win situation for small, medium, and large organizations alike.

The most common issue that most organizations have is how to pick the best app development partner out of the hundreds, if not millions, of options available today.

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The Key Advantages of Outsourcing App Development for Your Business

1. Capabilities Across the Board

Content experience, industry knowledge, and technical characteristics that influence local and international contexts are advantages of outsourcing core Mobile App Development. You may rely on them because they already possess the necessary talents and are familiar with all current software development methodologies. Then you must locate a company that is well-versed with app development trends and stacks – and can offer experienced developers for your app.

Consider varied stacks – native apps, cross-functional apps, Android, iOS – along with the utility and features of the app to build the premise for the outsourcing vendor here. 

Makes it easier for you to build a great app!

2. Vast Prowess

App development entails several components that must be combined logically. App development firms are well-versed in issue content, industry knowledge, and technological aspects of apps. Furthermore, the corporation can outsource its app development operation because of the uniqueness of its prowess. It allows them to stay current with the ever-changing business and deliver the best results possible.

3. Focus on Core Competencies

Outsourcing app development promotes resource management. Business owners can use the time spent on app development to create a well-functioning environment and plan for future expansion. As a result of these fundamental competencies, the app has more opportunities to succeed, which helps app development companies by allowing them to take on other projects.

4. Provide End-to-End Service

The interaction of many attributes at the forefront of all stages of the operation is what app development entails. 

As a result, app development companies offer a full range of services, from logic to technical support. It provides businesses with a safe environment to conduct trials in the mobile app space until an opportunity that is a good fit for them is discovered.

5. Improved Time Management

While working 24 hours on your app, experts demand less time, allowing you to sell your product faster than your competition. You didn’t have to spend time hiring and training new employees. Professionals can use their development time to build a realistic work environment that includes plans for future growth.

Such skills enable application development businesses to provide chances for other related jobs, as well as provide more options for apps to flourish.

6. Scaling on Demand

Unlike regular hires, you can choose to scale your team, and your operations as and when your app grows. Add developers, testers, and Project managers when you see fit. Or churn when required. 

Access flexibility.

What to Look for When Selecting an Outsourcing App Development Partner

In addition to the characteristics above, you can do a few other things to ensure you select the best firm.

  • Know the Fundamentals of Technology
  • You don’t have to be an expert on all programming languages, development frameworks, and mobile app platforms. Knowing the fundamentals of these topics, on the other hand, can help you make better recruiting decisions and ask the right questions during interviews. 

  • Talk to multiple people from the team
  • It’s always a good idea to speak with more people than simply a business manager when you contact the app development agency you’re considering for outsourcing app development. 

If you’d like, ask to speak with the primary developer, the potential project manager, and even the designers. The goal is to understand the team’s culture and compatibility better. You’ll be able to see how dedicated, and well-coordinated the team is.

  • Look for Experts with soft skills
  • Look for other character traits of the team, in addition to the technical competence of your engineers, their experience, and their portfolio. You can inquire about prior clients’ references and ask your queries like—

  • Have they ever been on time before?
  • Is there solid internal communication among the members of the team? 
  • Handovers between designers, developers, & testing team reviews can only go quickly if the team is smooth and professional. And if that isn’t ideal, your deliveries may be pushed back. So look for a dedicated team that works well together.

To Wrap Up

Outsourcing app development is an excellent method to develop an app that adequately embodies your company’s values and appeals to your target market. You can focus on developing your business and supporting your clients when you have an efficient staff constructing your app.

Now you know how to identify the best app development team for outsourcing app development. Another step is how to get started to execute an effective app development process. 

Here’s a guide to get you started on the basics of hiring a remote outsourcing team.
Also, if you are interested to learn more, you can gain some insight through Netsmartz’s Build your Team services and our engagement models.

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An Ultimate Guide on Outsourcing App Development in 2022

Usage of mobile continues to rise, due to which various mobile apps are released every day for mass usage. Online stores are flooded with various types of apps, which raises the competition out in the market to develop better, faster, smoother apps of different sorts and purposes.  Gaming, Streaming, Utility, Info – what have you?… Continue reading An Ultimate Guide on Outsourcing App Development in 2022

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