Preventing the Coronavirus Spread & Damage to the Business Environment

The outbreak of Coronavirus has shown a huge impact on daily lives as COVID-19 has spread rapidly across the world. After the extreme situations in China, medical experts across the globe have been putting a lot of effort into researching the novel Coronavirus. The virus has been found to spread through close contact with people either through direct contact or through respiratory droplets of an infected person. The novel virus, as of March 19, 2020, is affecting 158 countries and has just fewer than 250,000 confirmed cases of illness. These conditions will continue to worsen and cause damage to the business environment and national economies. As of now, the Corona has been found to be turning significantly larger than Ebola on twitter. And it is very natural because the spread of the novel Coronavirus has been a major setback to global investors. There are so many leading brands that have refined their policies adding corona into the list of risk factors. Besides, the giant tech brands were also found to be postponing or declining their major events. Recognizing the spread of the pandemic and concerning community health across the globe, the CEO and co-founder of Netsmartz, Mr. Manipal Dhariwal, opened upon the scenario. The CEO PlanManipal Dhariwal According to Manipal, “The spread of COVID-19 has become an outbreak as we’ve never seen before, and working on traditional response plans would not be sufficient to cope with the situation. It needs aggressive action planning from tech leaders and top-level management of the companies across the globe.” He further added, “With the novel coronavirus taking businesses down at alarming speed, the process to control the situation and prevent disruption is the most serious factor to look at. Considering the health and safety of the community, it is essential to have necessary planning beforehand, even if COVID-19 hasn’t hit a specific community.” With the rising chances of economic disturbance, it is time to find smarter alternatives that prevent liquidity crises and can help resist panic situations in public. Concerned with the current scenario, the young and dynamic CEO shared some action plans he believes must be followed immediately to help with economic control: The primary response of companies should be the protection of their clients and employees.
  • Make a plan using health agency guidelines from global health agencies and maintain transparency within the company environment.
  • Create contingency operation plans for multiple business aspects to deter disruption.
  • Conserve cash with an immediate look at cost structure and reform as needed to help with shock resistance
  • Pre-plan for recovery and maintain a business flow by keeping an eye on client behavior.
Manipal Dhariwal also shared some additional recommendations to deal with the crisis situation by sharing his concern on business setbacks caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. He mentioned that it is time for senior management and entrepreneurs to have discussions on strong ideas to mitigate risks. While the emergency situation may turn around at any time, Manipal Dhariwal suggests making all employees aware of the severity. Setting safety as the primary goal, he emphasized, as is the immediate need for cash conservation, awareness, and the need for action plans. Promoting the idea to break the regular work cycle, he extended the idea of an informal approach to operations, scenario modeling, pinning critical areas, and most necessarily, team workshops that can discuss regular alterations in the action plan as per the work requirement and outside situations. What our experts at Netsmartz have to say: By using updated reports and developments shared by WHO, CDC, and other sources, Netsmartz encourages an immediate need to prevent workplace exposure to prevent acute respiratory illness. Irrespective of any bias, it is necessary to promote confidentiality and get immediate medical attention for all who are likely to be infected. Also, employers are encouraged to make sick employees stay at home until they are free from symptoms. This may also cause a need to reform leave policies to something more flexible and less strict in case of sickness or family sick at home who need care. There also must be a tight leash on using proper environmental cleaning and instruction to all employees about proper sanitation and traveling related guidelines. Paying close attention to workspace guidelines through CDC updates as they are released is critical. However, considering the current situation, some of our management has a bit to share about the current pandemic and about health safety in the workplace.
  • Deniel Singh, VP, Sales & Operations (APAC)
  • “Coronavirus has to lead to major issues for both local and foreign operations. However, health and safety need to be the central concern surrounding business functions. There is an immediate need to bring careful communication plans in effect, along with information, instruction, and training to lessen the damage.”
  • John Ogden, General Manager, United States
  • “With Coronavirus turning to be a global pandemic, the US will be majorly impacted by its arrival and disruption to our work lives, personal lives, and health. In times like this, correct and UpToDate information is required to make the most informed decisions. Knowledge is power as they say, and you can use to be prepared, which leads to logical actions, which results in remaining calm. Please look toward your federal, state, local governments, and agencies for reliable news. Keep in mind that our individual actions not only protect us but directly affect those we love.”
  • Sanjay Agarwal, COO, Netsmartz
  • “COVID-19 has emerged with huge implications for workplace and business operations, affecting health, safety, travel, and even discrimination in certain places. It needs all employers to stay informed, dig into all legal issues, map business risks, and aim for prudent resolutions. Enforce the idea of BYT or cloud teams could also be a solution for many.”
  • Shawn Sauve, VP Sales, Canada
  • “The impact of COVID-19 on the world is something that has shaken the entire globe. The rapid spread of the contagion demands for immediate decisions to be made that can help lessen the loss and prevent further damage. To fight against COVID-19, we need to be prepared and share our knowledge globally that can be used to ensure safety and calm for all. This is the time to communicate, gather information and work together on the challenges to sustain through the pandemic.
With the outbreak of novel Coronavirus, the concept of cloud meetings, team collaborations, and remote capabilities are taking the lead. It is this process that can help avoid downtime with businesses. Let’s have a quick dive into how the BYT model could be a business savior in the current situation.

BYT as a Business Savior

BYT, or Build Your Team , is a concept based on a cloud employee model where every business function and operation could be managed easily and has costs and time benefits. The outburst of Coronavirus is a good retooling period for BYT services as it has extreme capabilities. Concerning the IT landscape, the BYT concept could help businesses reach their desired talent without fear of exposure to COVID-19. In addition, tools like Zira or Confluence could be integrated to keep a better eye on operations and communication.

How BYT Can Benefit Tech Giants

While some businesses have canceled most events, meetings, or operations, others are looking toward ideas that can keep workers and operations healthy without affecting productivity. Business prospects are increasingly adopting the idea of cloud employees or teams. Plus, there has been a growing need for collaboration tools that can help improve the process for the work from home concept. Though people are already moving towards the idea of cloud employees for business efficiency, the current scenario can act as a catalyst for the hiring of employees working through the cloud.

What We Have to Share

With the concern for the spread of COVID-19 high, shutting down all business functions could be a huge loss to the business world as well as to the world economy. To help avoid such implications and concerning the need for safety, Netsmartz brings up the idea of BYT to reduce the risk of contact between people without making the operations suffer. BYT can be a great help to those who need to move ahead with the time while using best practices to avoid the chance of becoming ill. 1. BYT brings the advantage of easy and open communication. Though the BYT model is entirely based on trust since you can’t see your employees, the benefit of communication channels helps you always maintain contact and coordination. 2. BYT has advantages for both the employer and employee. It allows employees to work according to their availability, justifying the need for project or time-based deliveries. 3. BYT can bring all the productivity tools needed to help enable consistent work practices. 4. With Generation Z entering the workspace by 2030, the concept of cloud employees will drive almost 30 percent of work. Therefore, adopting such technology during this crisis could be positive for business productivity, employee health, and to be able to reach the talent pool. Plan now for BYT and keep your employees and business safe from the COVID-19 threat. To learn more about BYT, reach out to our experts today!


Preventing the Coronavirus Spread & Damage to the Business Environment
Published on
March 26, 2020

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