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A JavaScript framework, MEAN stack brings JS’s entire suite for full-scale scalable, robust, and dynamic applications with efficiency and rapidity.

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We boost your Application’s efficiency with a combination of JavaScript based technologies. We always want to ensure that your application becomes lightning fast and efficient. For this, we use MEAN stack framework, a Java Script based technology platform.

Our MEAN Stack Development Services

Leverage the benefits of MEAN Stack mobile and web solutions to make your business future-ready and ahead of your competitors. Our MEAN Stack solutions can help you to step into the market and lead it with excellence.

  • Hire skilled and pre-vetted MEAN Stack programmers
  • Risk-free onboarding, pay only if satisfied
  • Autonomous expert team: We just don’t offer a resource
  • Simplified communication: Better collaboration for better visibility
  • Timezone aligned service: Choose an offshore and nearshore engagement
  • Flexible full or flex time engagement models


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Access a pre-vetted pool of elite developers, in over 100+ tech stacks

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Budget-friendly, flexible engagement models (on-shore, remote and hybrid options)

SLAs & Confidentiality Agreements

Client engagements with a US contract complete with IP protection and comprehensive insurance coverage

Collaboration and Communication

Remote ready teams with extensive experience in tools and project management

Delivery Expertise & Management

Timezone aligned, results-driven team that seamlessly integrates with your firm

Process-Driven Development

Consistent collaboration for constant improvement and visibility

Hire MEAN Stack Developer starting from $25/hour

We provide you a complete suite of services with our highly experienced team (5 – 7 years of experience) of developers, UI/UX designers, devOps engineers, business analysts, QA support and project managers.

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MEAN Developer’s Technical Stacks

Languages & Platforms Node.js
ECMA script
Framework & Libraries Express.js
Front-end HTML5
Libraries Angular7/8
Custom Create
@Types/Fabric (For Canvas)
For Cropping – @Types/Cropperjs

Theme Metronic
Elastic UI
Webservices REST HTTP
Deployment / Server Management Azure
Google cloud
Amazon AWS
Digital Ocean
UI libraries Angular materials
Bootstrap + 3
Testing Mocha
Architecture Microservices
ORMs Sequilize
Caching Redis
Apache Kafka
Version Control GitHub
3rd Party API Integration Social networks
Payment gateways
Booking APIs
Project Management Tools Jira

Deployment Process CI/CD

Success Stories

Learn how organizations are redefining business norms with our cutting-edge
Cloud and IT infrastructure services

Fleet Management Company / Malaysia

Netsmartz Builds a Custom ERP Solution for a Leading Digital Road Freight Platform in South Asia

Mexican eCommerce Company / Austin, Texas

Netsmartz Crafts ERP System for eCommerce Firm in the US

Appify / California

Rolling out a Full-fledged Product with an Autonomous Dedicated Team for Appify



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have additional questions?

Full-stack developers must be familiar with a variety of technologies to work on both server-side and client-side software development. MEAN stack development is a collection of four full-stack technologies that may be used to create a full-stack application.

Full-stack refers to a set of programming languages and the tools that a developer learns for both the front-end and backend of a website. Express.js, MongoDB, NodeJS, & AngularJS make up the MEAN stack, a popular full-stack framework.

MEAN (MongoDB, Express. js, Angular or Angular JS, Node JS) is a JavaScript software stack for creating dynamic websites and web applications that is free and open-source.

Our MEAN stack developer must possess the following abilities:

  • The programming languages HTML, CSS, and javascript are used.
  • Musk knows Frameworks based on CSS and JS.
  • Understanding the architecture and workflow is required.
  • Understanding of client-side and server-side processes and requirements is required.

Actually, there’s no direct answer to this. The cost of hiring a MEAN stack developer is determined by a variety of factors, including the development platform, the application type, the design complexity, the number of pages, features, and functionalities, and the cost of maintenance.

You can hire our remote MEAN stack developer either on an hourly or fixed fee basis. To know more about our engagement model, read here;

If you’re seeking cost-effective yet high-quality MEAN stack developers, you need to hire a reliable outsourcing company. And, to make sure you choose the right one, you must consider the following things:

  • A minimum of 5-8 years of industry experience is required.
  • 50+ JavaScript project development experience.
  • Have dealt with clients from at least five to ten different countries.

Netsmartz, with decades of industry expertise, can provide you with the best Magento development services.


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