How to Craft Compelling LinkedIn Connection Requests

How to Craft Compelling LinkedIn Connection Requests

You’ve probably been there – diligently sending out those connection requests, hoping to expand your network and make meaningful connections. But let’s face it, it’s not always as smooth as we hope for, right?

You start by reaching out to practically anyone who seems like a worthwhile connection, but the acceptance rate differs from where you want it to be. It can get frustrating, I know! The key here is finding creative ways to overcome this initial challenge and amplify your network. Let’s dig in and figure out how to make those connections stick!


Your Connection Request is Bad, and You Should Feel Bad.

Connecting with someone you’ve met in person might not require much effort – they’ll likely recognize you. But what about those conference acquaintances or potential job connections? You’ve got to jog their memory, show your purpose, and ensure you’re no spammer or scammer, all in just a few sentences. It’s a tricky task, but making that genuine, concise connection can open doors!

When reaching out to people you’ve met briefly, especially at conferences or for potential job opportunities, completing all essential details is crucial. You must remind them of who you are, explain why connecting is beneficial, and assure them you’re not here to spam or scam. Crafting a concise yet compelling LinkedIn connection request message is key to making meaningful connections in just a few lines.

What’s the message with the connection request?

If you haven’t caught on to the “send a message with your request” trend, you might lag a bit. Here’s the scoop: for anyone who doesn’t know you on a personal level, including a message with your connection request is crucial. Why? If you make people hunt down your info, chances are they might not bother, and your request might end up in the LinkedIn abyss.

LinkedIn makes it simple; when you visit someone’s profile, you can select how you know them and drop in a friendly message. It’s like adding a personal touch to your virtual handshake. Just remember, simplicity is key here. LinkedIn does this to cut down on spam, which is working. So, if you’re looking to make those connections stick, remember to hit them up with a warm message.


Consideration Before Sending Connection Request

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of sending out the best connection request on LinkedIn, let’s talk about something just as crucial: profile optimization. Consider LinkedIn your professional playground – you want to make a killer first impression, right?

So, here’s the deal: LinkedIn is all about connecting professionals worldwide. To stand out, you’ve got to prove you’re the real deal, not just fancy words on a screen. How? Start with a striking, professional profile picture. Don’t slack off – fill out every detail, and that background photo? It matters, too!

Profile Check List-

  • Profile Picture dimensions- 400×400 px
  • Background image- 800×200 px
  • Company Page cover- 1536×768 px
  • About- The character limit is 300 for basic users & 2k words (premium)
  • Optimize Your Profile

LinkedIn Profile Dos and Don’ts


  • Profile Picture- Ensure you use your current picture, wear what you would like to wear to work, and smile with your eyes.
  • Use a simple white or an abstract background that doesn’t take the attention from your face.
  • Use the headline field to say more about how your connections should see your role, why you do what you do, and what makes you tick.
  • Use the Summary field to list the problem statement you solved, for whom you solved it, and why it matters. Try to bring to life why your connection matters.
  • Make wise use of keywords, as every LI profile can be googled.

Don’ts –

  • Profile Picture: Do not add long-distance shots, blur images, or group images in the profile picture.
  • Do not add a background image that takes all attention from your profile picture and has bold colors and graphics.
  • Do not just post your job title. It will not add an impactful impression on your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Don’t just use it to list your skills or the job titles you’ve had.
  • Do not overuse buzzwords like ‘specialized,’ ‘leadership,’ ‘focused,’ ‘strategic,’ ‘experienced,’ ‘and ‘certified.’

How To Write An Excellent Connection Request Message

1. Keep it Personal

Ever noticed how a person’s name works like magic? Mentioning their name and their company in your connection request does wonders. It shouts loud and clear: “Hey, I’m a real human, not a robot, and I genuinely want to connect with you!”

But here’s the golden rule: shift the spotlight away from yourself and onto them. Find that common ground, something you both share. It could be a shared interest, a mutual connection, or even an article or speech of theirs that inspired you. Mention it! Show that you’ve done your homework.

A personalized message may also include how you found their profile:

  • I read your article on Forbes and…
  • I was watching your speech at…

2. Introduce yourself

Making a meaningful connection is challenging, especially with busy decision-makers. Here’s the deal: high-level professionals are swamped with messages daily, so time is of the essence. When introducing yourself, resist the urge to dive deep into your story. They’re not interested in your life history. Instead, flip the script. 

Focus on what you can bring to the table, specifically for them and their business. Highlight how your skills, experiences, or industry knowledge can benefit them. Sure, mentioning your experiences is okay, but keep it brief. Shift the spotlight onto them. 

People value talking about themselves, so show genuine interest. Acknowledge their achievements, whether their volunteer work, professional accomplishments, or industry expertise. Compliments can go a long way in making a connection.

And here’s the pro tip: be concise. Get straight to the point. Tell them how you can assist them and why having you in their network would be valuable.

3. Personalize your connection request

LinkedIn can mark your account as spam if you send the exact message to all prospects. So, send everyone a personalized message.


Hey, Ellen! I totally agree with what you said in your recent post about Artificial Intelligence, and I am excited about the same and would love to discuss more.


Hey Ellen! I recently noticed you are a member of the startup Facebook group. Connecting with someone equally enthusiastic about startups and growth would be awesome.

4. Provide Proof

Skip the lengthy self-praise and focus on the results you deliver. High-level professionals don’t have time for elaborate pitches; they want to know what you can do for them. 

On platforms like LinkedIn, it’s all about showcasing what’s in it for them. Forget about delving into your achievements; provide a quick, tangible example of how you’ve made a difference for other businesses in their industry.

Here’s the secret sauce: offer a snippet of proof.

Say something like,

“I helped XXXX company grow their business by YY%” or “We’ve assisted XXXX company in saving $XXXX per month on marketing.” 

It’s all about demonstrating your results, proving you’re the person who gets things done. That’s what catches their attention and keeps them interested.

LinkedIn Connection Request Examples

Outreaching Check List-

  • Ideally, 5-10 connects a day [New Profile]
  • 100 connections/week, 20/day (to stay in LI good books/avoiding suspension)[Warm Profile]
  • Engage via commenting meaningfully (not just likes or short comments) on the feed and insights available from Sales Nav. This should generate the author’s interest in you and make a higher chance of accepting your connection request and conversation possibility
  • Include name in between messages
  • Include the position of the prospect in the company.

LinkedIn Connection Request Best Practices

  • Bulk connection requests initially: LinkedIn detects bulk messaging as an automated activity when you send 100 messages in a single day. Regardless of the version of your profile or the age of your profile, you should send consistent connection requests within the limit.
  • Do not use Spammy Chrome extensions: You can simplify LinkedIn outreach campaign tasks by using Chrome extensions, but they send negative signals to LinkedIn. LinkedIn can quickly determine if you are using an external tool and send you a caution, or in the worst case, your account can be banned.
  • Professionalism is Key- Maintain a polished and business-appropriate tone in your requests. A professional approach goes a long way.
  • Define Your Purpose-  Have a clear objective for each connection request. Whether networking, job opportunities, or collaboration, clarity in your intent is crucial.
  • Be Concise but Impactful-  The perfect LinkedIn connection request strikes a balance. It’s not overly lengthy, nor is it overly brief. Be direct and compelling, proving your worth without overwhelming them with details.
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls-  Stay away from free Chrome extensions for LinkedIn. These shortcuts might harm your account’s credibility or even lead to a ban. Similarly, don’t fall into the trap of overly short or spammy messages.
  • Quality Over Quantity-  Refrain from low-quality platforms offering cheap LinkedIn automation. Opt for quality interactions over mass requests, ensuring genuine and meaningful connections.

In a Nutshell

In LinkedIn networking, it’s all about balance and genuine connections. Crafting a persuasive connection request is more about being authentic and focused than overly complex.

Remember, your profile is your first impression. Polish it up, make it intriguing, and let it reflect your best version. Think of it as your clickbait – something that draws people in.

When you’re sending out those requests, keep it personal. Use tools like Clickedin to add a touch of automation while ensuring your messages are unique to each recipient. And here’s the twist: when introducing yourself, stay brief. Share a glimpse of who you are, but quickly turn the spotlight onto them.

In the end, it’s about being genuine, keeping it concise, and making the other person feel valued. So, armed with these tips, go forth, connect authentically, and watch your LinkedIn network flourish.


How to Craft Compelling LinkedIn Connection Requests
Kanav Jain
Published on
October 25, 2023

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