An Introduction to CloudOps: Challenges & Solutions

CloudOps is the process of refining the business process that runs on the cloud by optimizing efficiency and flexibility. It can be defined as the managerial practices that help streamline the delivery of infrastructure services and optimization of the cloud. In short, it’s the incubator that ensures smooth cloud operations for the execution of business missions and driving agility.

It is natural to have questions about why it is essential to have a separate dedicated department to work on cloud IT operations. However, the need for functionality along with security and compliance requirements for cloud & infra makes it necessary.

There are many organizations that have their own cloud centers dedicated to work on operations, service, and architecture in the cloud. A better justification for the addition of CloudOps can be seen in the 2019 report from Flexera which stated that 66 percent of organizations are already having their own cloud center of excellence or CloudOps team while 21 percent of the businesses are planning to do so.

The hype is natural because the cloud turned out to be an essence for innovation on cloud infrastructure solutions. Moreover, organizations like Netsmartz have adopted the agile methodology of development for ease in updating the micro services in the cloud. Besides, this approach helps cloud service providers improve the scope of innovation in their services, creating a better experience for clients. In other words, CloudOps plays a significant role in achieving solution requirements by keeping a check on operations and optimization of cloud processes.

The Challenges

CloudOps involves challenges with reliability, feasibility, and operational management since the CloudOps approach is about achieving a smarter cloud and not just simply working on cloud services. However, missing any opportunities to work on agility and shifting focus towards capacity building could bring major losses. Some of the challenges that may emerge from such practices could include:

  • Increased expenditure: When working on capacity generation, it is natural that your organization must bear over provisioned assets. Such errors may lead to a sudden jump of expenditures of 25 percent to 90 percent. Though extreme scenarios are rare, bearing a loss of 40 percent is more common.
  • Cost Overrun: When half of the organizations working on the cloud are spending a minimum of $ 1.2 million a year on cloud and 13 percent of the total organizations to be spending around $ 12 million, the chances of extended liabilities are very high. Even though the financial risk is high, companies working on cloud development are still growing their expense, which could be blasting if not controlled.
  • Lack of Governance: The outbreak of the cloud wave has occupied the entire world and the need to meet the needs has left no scope for governance. Therefore, it’s easy to say that the consumption of cloud services is giving rise to greater compliance and security issues.
  • Rise of security concerns: Though every cloud resource and product is designed and optimized for maximum security, the concern to have hardcore security development is causing enterprises to invest more in security.This can be punctuated through the fact that 93 percent of enterprises are so highly concerned about security that 55 percent of those have already started working on the deployment of better security solutions.

The Solution: Need for Change

The entire concern surrounding the risks and cloud operations is because of the hype build on cloud security during the past few years. However, implementing the right processes through the CloudOps advantage could help save on both costs and threats due to lack of governance.

This would need a proactive need to CloudOps that can help limit the budget on unwanted expenditure and taking a shift towards a solution that has the agility to sustain future needs.

At Netsmartz, our aim towards CloudOps practices is to design them to deliver cloud computing solutions optimized for cost-savings. This can help satisfy the need for applications with workload distribution and governance at the focus.In short, we work to reduce risk and aim for performance solutions that can drive a client’s ROI while satisfying their requirements for compliance and security.

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An Introduction to CloudOps: Challenges & Solutions
Vikas Katoch, Vice President
Published on
April 15, 2020

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