Reshaping The Landscape In Networking At The Digital Nomads World 2022

Reshaping The Landscape In Networking At The Digital Nomads World 2022
The Digital Nomads World 2022 Virtual Event held from 11th to 12th May was a great opportunity for freelancers, remote workers and digital nomads to connect with some of the top industry professionals. It gave participants a chance to network with their peers, learn from successful digital nomads, freelancers & remote workers and meet with top-ranked recruiters, technology & service providers along with connecting them with professionals to build their dream team for future projects.

What All Went Down At The Event…

Held on May 11th & 12th 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, Digital Nomads World 2022 was a face-to-face and virtual event serving the fast-growing and in-demand market of remote workers, and freelancers and digital nomads. Up until now, there had been limited information resources for digital nomads here in the U.S. and no face-to-face events. Digital nomads and remote professionals need more information and solutions on best practices and an opportunity for in-person networking. Thus, Digital Nomads 2022 served as a great premise for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals to connect in a safe and liberating space filled with great minds. Exhibitors that attended this event included recruiters, technology providers, transportation, healthcare providers, app creators, destinations, and service providers. Attendees included digital nomads, remote workers, hiring companies, digital capitalists and those seeking digital dual citizenship. This exciting two day face-to-face, virtual event gave these professionals a unique chance to:
  • Network with their peers
  • Learn from other successful freelancers, digital nomads and remote workers
  • Educate themselves about dealing with the challenges unique to this sort of work
  • Meet with top-ranked recruiters, technology and service providers face-to-face
  • Meet with destination executives who are trying to attract them to their cities and countries
  • Build teams for a larger project

Netsmartz’s Take On The Event…

The value and benefits of remote work are becoming more evident every day. It has become a fast-growing productivity solution for hiring companies and workers alike. During a recent interview, Karen Varrone, the CEO of Mission Group Live was quoted as saying, “We are very excited about this upcoming event. It is a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a digital nomad to jump in and learn from their successful peers. After Covid, the opportunities for freelancers have dramatically increased, and now is a great time to get involved in this growing industry.” We at Netsmartz simply couldn’t agree more with her. As a leader in outsourcing developers and experts in 100+ technology stacks, Netsmartz was delighted to see remote workers and digital nomads be given such a unique and well-deserved platform to connect with the community. Over the past 22 years in business, Netsmartz has tirelessly worked to give freelancers, remote workers and digital nomads a platform by outsourcing the top of the talent pool to companies in need. Our 8 global locations house 1,000+ world-class employees who have never failed to raise the bar in innovation and are continuing to provide elite global IT solutions that keep up with the ever-changing technological advancements and sky-high business goals that companies have. Netsmartz assists both startups and conglomerates in realising their dream of scaling, driving better business outcomes and amping up customer experience. Our Services Include…
  • Product Development
  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • ERP and CRM Implementation
  • eCommerce Development
  • Testing / QA
  • Staff Augumentation
Our flexible engagement models for hiring remote teams help businesses scale on-demand and downsize when the need be. It also makes companies more cost-effective and time-efficient. If you are looking to build your team or drive better business outcomes by upgrading to better IT solutions, get in touch with us today.


Reshaping The Landscape In Networking At The Digital Nomads World 2022
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
April 11, 2022

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