Top 7 Custom eLearning Trends of 2018


Over the last few years, eLearning adoption has grown steadily across the globe. With new technologies on the market consistently and the evolving high-end devices, both the approach and the mode of eLearning is witnessing large changes.

Several pre-designed templates, as well as completely off-the shelf eLearning courses, are available for a plethora of subjects. Each of these courses work towards accomplishing the promise of speeding up courseware creation and the customization time to market them. As a custom eLearning solutions provider or course manager, you may have explored many of these options looking for the right fit for your tight budget and timeline.

One significant drawback of these off-the-shelf eLearning courses is that they are not very engaging. In addition, the training does not always stick and leaves learners with a feeling that they could have done something better and more productive with their time. This is the time when custom eLearning development can help. This type of development has been delivering transformational learning experiences, whether it is sales skills training, on boarding new hires, or new product training, for years and uses many styles of learning.

Let us look at the hottest trends in custom eLearning –

  1. Gamified-based Learning – In 2018, Gamification will continue to be an important trend, offering a greater impact in imparting critical role-based information. Organizations will invest in serious games and further gamify their custom eLearning courses to retain the interest of learners and persuade them to take it more seriously by combining with interactive fun elements with the desired repository of knowledge.
  1. eLearning Templates – Consistency leads to an ease of use for a learner.In the eLearning development process within an eLearning authority tool, templates highlight what aids the learner, providing time and effort savings to the designer without inhibiting their ability to create effective training material.
  1. Microlearning – Although it has already become a strong trend, Microlearning has been improving learning retention and reinforcing training by breaking the training content into small learning units. Typically, each unit focuses on a single objective to deliver skill-based learning and education, especially to younger audiences.
  1. Mobile Learning –Mobile Learning is considered a must-follow training strategy for organizations seeking continuous learning culture, especially the Millennial and the Gen Z workforce. It is an attractive proposition for delivering performance support, which can be done through mobile learning solutions.
  1. Online Learning Libraries – Such libraries are gaining popularity.With so many training offers available, it is difficult for the learners to find out what which appropriate content is available to them. By creating an online learning library, learners can explore the entire curricula of courses on the relevant subject.
  1. Interactive Video-based Learning – This has always been a hot trend, even 20 years ago, and will only continue to grow. Video-based courses make information transferring easy for both the training department and for the learners.
  1. Personalized Learning – Personalized Learningis taking the power of custom eLearning a step further. The content and style of training are modified by keeping in mind the preferred learning style of the individual. This will be an important trend to implement and further experiment with during 2018.

The future of eLearning is bright and with custom eLearning development, it will definitely become easier for training managers to create appropriate training material that is more engaging and that creates great experiences for learners.

What are your takes on eLearning trends and methodology? Did we miss something here? We would appreciate it if you could contribute your comments in the section below.


Top 7 Custom eLearning Trends of 2018
Umesh Goyal, Vice President
Published on
July 19, 2018

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