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DevOps Team Benefits

Why to Choose Netsmartz DevOps Team

Optimize IT Service Delivery

Netsmartz provides Azure DevOps services to help accelerate application development with efficient methodologies. As a leading DevOps services company, our approach focuses on bridging the gap between development and operational teams, enabling better collaboration and communication. By implementing our DevOps infrastructure management, we can transform the way your team works and deliver applications faster.

Benefits of hiring DevOps team

DevOps implementation Roadmap

Integrate DevOps practices into your business operations seamlessly

Strategic Planning

Our team analyzes the current IT infrastructure, resources, and product portfolio before adopting the DevOps culture. We use DevOps as a service to enhance user experience and increase software delivery frequency. Successful DevOps strategies use a practical, transparent, top-down approach. Key checkpoints include aligning with the company's vision, analyzing foundational and success factors, and identifying and measuring metrics. By following these best practices, your organization can successfully embark on a DevOps journey.

Implementation Process

Our DevOps services team uses containerization and Kubernetes to simplify the deployment process and improve software quality. We follow a CI/CD strategy with powerful tools like Jenkins and Bamboo, and monitor environments and Docker with Zabbix, Nagios, and ELK. Our comprehensive DevOps implementation plan includes solutions to mitigate challenges and ensure alignment between CI/CD, IaC, and other environments.

Solution Development

Our DevOps consultants provide knowledge transfer to all teams, including system admins, delivery managers, test engineers, and developers, for successful DevOps implementation. We use IaC to prevent infrastructure misconfigurations and automate software for consistency across all environments. Our DevOps solutions team provides support during deployment and CI/CD configuration phases with the necessary automation tools and services.

Operational Support

Our team provides effective support during production to ensure software is delivered as expected. We offer continuous support to maintain smooth infrastructure transitions. As a DevOps service provider, we provide uniform load distribution for our client's IT infrastructure.

DevOps Tools and Platforms

Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge automation tools & platforms to guarantee a successful
DevOps journey.

DevOps tools and platforms
Affordable Rates

Packages and Pricing


Package starts as low as

$2000 per month

  • 24x7 monitoring and incident response
  • System patching
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Security and Compliance
  • Performance Optimization
  • Scaling and Capacity Planning
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Service Health Monitoring
  • Patch Management and Updates
  • User and Access Management
  • Response time as low as 15 minutes
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Streamlined/Automate Deployments

Kickstart automated deployments for only

$3500 per month

  • Setup Version Control System (VCS)
  • Build Automation
  • Automated Testing
  • Artifact Management
  • Deployment Automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Monitoring and Logging
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Penetration Testing

Elevate Your Security Posture with Pen Testing for packages starting as low as

$499 per month

  • Public-facing Web Apps
  • Web APIs
  • Web App Firewalls
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Exploitation of Identified Vulnerabilities
  • Web Application Security Testing
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DevOps Engagement Models

Our Reliable Engagement Models

Commision Per Referral

Global Team Model

Our Global Team Model empowers businesses to harness talent worldwide, fostering diverse collaboration with efficient communication tools & well-defined processes.

Commision Per Referral


With our Nearshore model, businesses can benefit from a well-aligned and efficient partnership for successful project execution from neighboring countries.

Commision Per Referral


Our Hybrid model offers the best of both on-premises and cloud environments, to ensure seamless integration and efficient management of IT resources.

Commision Per Referral

Time and Materials

Our Time and Materials (T&M) engagement model presents a flexible approach to project collaboration and diligently tracks project hours and expenses.

Our Excellence

Our Proficiency in Microsoft and AWS

Rely on team of AWS and Microsoft certified engineers and our proven track record to craft innovative and exceptional solutions.

Hire AWS DevOps Engineer
Microsoft and AWS certifications
AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty
AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty

Get Customized DevOps Solutions & Expert Guidance

Outpace the market, elevate customer experience, & maintain exceptional software quality.

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DevOps tools and platforms

Success Stories

Learn how organizations are redefining business norms with our cutting-edge
Cloud and IT infrastructure services


Manufacturing Industry / USA

Creating a Multi-Region Platform to Sell Engineered Access Solutions

Pet Industry / Norway

Migrating On-Premise Infrastructure For A Company In Pet Industry

Gaming Industry / US (Global)

Transforming Software Development for a Multiplayer Gaming Company



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