Custom Healthcare Software Development 

Crafting seamless healthcare solutions to automate, energize, and power the industry. Leverage the potential of staff augmentation to build new products & services.

An effective take on Healthcare

Netsmartz accelerates the development of Healthcare solutions by bringing experienced, pre-vetted talent to your organization. Complying with the necessary regulations across the globes, our dedicated software development teams bring enormous tech expertise and fluency in the industry.
Power new-age health solutions to assess, respond, and manage patient care with Netsmartz!


Healthcare Software Solutions

Craft streamlined patient management software, applications, reporting, and medical websites. Power your Healthcare initiative with on-demand developers from Netsmartz.

Healthcare Mobile Apps

Provide a dedicated and intuitive health services experience for patient care and health management. Accelerate patient onboarding by utilizing apps on your phone or computer.

Patient Management Portals

Leverage experienced developers to craft HIPAA-compliant data management software that lets you track, automate and respond to patient needs.

Integration and Maintenance Services

Upgrade from your legacy code to build a seamless solution using modern software architecture.

Fitness Applications

Build dedicated fitness applications that can deliver a holistic health management solution. Engage, empower, and enlighten your patients with a fitness solution.

Medical Portals & Logistics Management

Build a logistics solution to track, order, and report medical equipment purchases, requirements, and healthcare institutional needs.

Custom Solutions

Develop Internet of Medicine solutions, record management tools, data engines, telemedicine software or AR/VR solutions with Netsmartz’s dedicated healthcare development expertise.

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With Netsmartz’s dedicated teams, you can accelerate your scaling velocity, expand your capabilities, and have control over your project without the burden of recruitment, management, or scaling.

We do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. Eliminate tedious recruitment and skill ambiguity with Netsmartz!

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Success Stories

Learn how organizations are redefining business norms with our cutting-edge
Cloud and IT infrastructure services

Healthcare Company / Rochester

Netsmartz builds Software & scales Android Application for Healthcare platform


HelloPatients / Springfield, USA

Netsmartz built a Practice-management Solution for a Healthcare Services Provider in the USA


Software Solutions Company / San Francisco, USA

Software Solutions Company Case Study



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