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Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Cultivating Growth Together! Here’s a glimpse into our vibrant Learning & Development session where knowledge blooms and skills flourish conducted by Prabhjyot. Our team is committed to continuous improvement and embracing new opportunities to evolve.

This time, our team learned the value of a professional workplace atmosphere. How it's crucial as it enhances productivity, improves morale, and fosters better collaboration among employees. They also learned how they should ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards, promoting equality and safety for all.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Memories Made, Connections Strengthened!

Recently, at Netsmartz, our teams across Mohali, Chandigarh, Noida, and Gurugram came together for a series of engaging activities that truly brought out the best in us. From spirited games that sparked laughter to delightful snacks that fueled our energy, we've created moments that brought us closer together.

Here's to continuing our journey of building a thriving community at Netsmartz. Let's keep the momentum going!

Learning & Development

AI Session

Our leaders, Manjeet Dhariwal, Umesh Goyal, Munish Gupta, Aman Sharma, and Sumeet Kumar Rajiv Bansal, shared practical examples and case studies illustrating the tangible benefits of integrating AI into our daily operations.

We delved into how adopting AI technologies can empower every team member to work smarter, enhancing efficiency and innovation.

Best Out of Waste competition

Learning & Development

Experience the creativity of Netsmartzians as they repurpose scrapped materials in the Best Out of Waste competition.

Each creation is a testament to the power of imagination and resourcefulness, from innovative sculptures to functional masterpieces.

World Health Day

Learning & Development

This #WorldHealthDay, we did more than just talk about well-being – we took action!

Netsmartz proudly organized medical camps, conducted activities full of fun, and captured laughter, reaffirming our commitment to the health and happiness of our employees. Here's to a healthier and happier journey together!

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

At Netsmartz, we're committed to empowering our team through continuous learning and development!

Every day, we strive to provide opportunities for our members to enhance their skills, whether diving into the latest technologies or refining crucial soft skills.

Netsmartz Cricket League 2024

Learning & Development

The Netsmartz Cricket League 2024 witnessed an epic showdown, and emerging as the ultimate champions are the unstoppable BYT Smashers (Tricity) and Mighty Lions (NCR) .

Behold the glory as they hoist the coveted winner's trophy, celebrating their triumph.

Monthly Birthday Celebration

Monthly Birthday Celebration

Cheers to the joyful birthday celebrations at Netsmartz!

Our vibrant team knows how to celebrate in style, fostering a culture where every moment is cherished.Here's to laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories as we honor our incredible Netsmartzians.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

At Netsmartz, we believe in continuous training and development to empower our team to reach new heights!

Whether mastering the latest technologies or refining essential soft skills, our comprehensive training initiatives cater to diverse learning needs.

Women's Day Celebration

International Women's Day 2024

Cheers to the remarkable women of Netsmartz!

From roses to chocolates, cards to potlucks, and hi-tea, we're celebrating International Women's Day in style! Here's to the incredible women who bring strength, passion, and diversity to our team every day.

Team Get Together

Team Get Together

Time to dust off our inner party animal and charge up our laughter batteries because it was that time again -Netsmartz Team Get-Together!

In the glow of festive lights and the warmth of shared laughter, our annual get-together became a canvas of cherished moments. Memories were made, laughs were shared, and our spirits soared as we danced the night away!

Lohri Celebration


Captured the essence of Lohri at Netsmartz office!

The air was filled with the aroma of bonfires, the sound of music, and the happiness of celebrating this joyous occasion. Here's to the warmth of the season and the joy of celebrating!

Tax Saving Session

Diya Decoration Competition

At Netsmartz, we understand the power of informed investing.

That’s why recently, we organized a session in collaboration with Kotak Bank where Netsmartz employees engaged in the Investor Awareness Program, diving into the nuances of Equity & SIP.

Here’s a glimpse from this insightful session capturing the essence of wealth-building strategies.

Medical Checkup

Medical Checkup

At Netsmartz, we believe that a healthy mind and body are the foundation of success. So recently we conducted a health check-up, ensuring that every aspect of our team's health is well taken care of.

This health initiative reflects our commitment to promoting a work environment where our team members thrive professionally and in their overall well-being. Because when our team is healthy and happy, we collectively achieve greatness.

Christmas Celebration

Secret Santa

Santa made an early pitstop at Netsmartz, and the festive vibes are off the charts!

From Secret Santa surprises to decking the halls with joy, our celebrations are in full swing.

The office buzzed with laughter and merriment, making memories that will last well into the new year. Here's to the warmth of the season and the joy of celebrating!

Rangoli Competition

Rangoli Competition

In the corridors of Netsmartz, creativity bloomed like never before during the Rangoli Competition. Netsmartians came together to create intricate Rangoli designs.

It was a heartwarming sight, reminding us all of the significance of Diwali – the festival that lights up not just our surroundings but also our spirits.

Diya Decoration Competition

Diya Decoration Competition

Our talented team recently took part in a Diya decoration competition that lit up our office with creativity and joy. From DIY disasters turned masterpieces to a glitter explosion that might take weeks to clean up (totally worth it!), our pre-diwali celebration hit an all-time high in fun and festivities.

Here's a sneak peek into “diya-mazing” artistry that enlightened our workplace."



This Diwali, our office was adorned with vibrant colors, twinkling lights, and the sweet aroma of traditional sweets. The air was filled with laughter and joy as colleagues came together to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

From sharing delicious treats to lighting Diyas, the spirit of unity and happiness illuminated every corner of Netsmartz.

Sacc India

Sacc India

Sacc India, the philanthropic arm of Netsmartz, hosted a groundbreaking TechStars Startup Weekend buzzed with creativity as 1 6 budding startups from varied backgrounds gathered to showcase their innovative ideas.

Netsmartz stands committed to community service, promoting entrepreneurship, and nurturing a startup-friendly ecosystem.

Table Tennis Competition

Table Tennis Competition

Capture the vibrant spirit of our office with TT battles - where work meets play. Shared the laughter, strategy, and camaraderie through snapshots of our TT competition. Team spirit that makes our workplace truly exceptional are found here.

Wrapping up the month of September with a blast of Scavenger hunt!

From deciphering clues to uncovering hidden treasures, our team members nailed the day. The corridor was filled with giggles and laughter making it a memory to cherish for the coming days.

On 77th Independence Day!

As the "Vande Mataram" echoes lingered in the air, Independence Day celebrations filled the corridors of Netsmartz with pride and joy.

Amidst the sea of tricolor decorations and patriotic fervor, we celebrated the essence of India's independence. The spirit of freedom and self-reliance was palpable as the entire Netsmartz team gathered with a collective hope for the nation to continue to soar to greater heights.

Netsmartz is recognized amongst India’s Top 100 Great Mid-Size Workplaces - 2023

Top 100 Great Mid-Size

Our Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Manipal Dhariwal, HR & People/Culture Head, Tarun Mehta, and Anubhav Lotey proudly accepted this prestigious award for the entire Netsmartz family. This accomplishment reflects our collective efforts to create a workplace culture that embraces collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible team, whose dedication and passion have contributed immensely to this achievement. This milestone reinforces our belief in creating an inclusive and empowering environment. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of trust, respect, and growth for our employees, enabling them to thrive personally and professionally.

We are proud to be recognized amongst India’s Top 100 Great Mid-size Workplaces 2023 and look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

Netsmartz in collaboration with 92.7 Big FM organized an activity for Netsmartzians!

Our team's talent knows no bounds, and we're not just software wizards; we're entertainment maestros too!

We danced, we sang, and we laughed till our stomachs ached, creating memories that will be etched in our hearts forever!

Day well spent!

Reflecting on a Memorable Father's Day Celebration at Netsmartz!

We had an incredible time honoring the amazing dads at Netsmartz and celebrating their invaluable contributions.

From heartwarming messages to fun activities, we showered the heroes with love and gratitude for their unwavering support.

Fitness Feast


At Netsmartz, we believe in working hard and playing harder!

Our team recently hit up Sukhna Lake for a fun-filled day of exercise and indulgence.

The outing was the perfect blend of fitness and fun, from jogging along the scenic shoreline to savoring scrumptious snacks.

After all, a healthy body and a happy soul make for a winning combination!

Hi Tea Session

Hi-Tea session

At Netsmartz we believe that by empowering women, we can create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, which in turn will lead to greater success for our organization.

Recently, we hosted a Hi-Tea session where all the female employees were invited to join and meet each other.

This event was organized to acknowledge the contribution of women in the workforce and to appreciate their hard work.

Our COO Sanjay Agarwal, Sr. VPs Umesh Goyal and Kapil Sharma addressed the sessions in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Noida to discuss women's achievements and contributions in a workspace.

It was an incredible opportunity for our female employees to come together and connect with each other in a relaxed environment.

Happy International Women's Day 2023!

International Women's Day 2023

Today, we honor the incredible women in our company and in our communities who inspire us with their strength, resilience, and dedication to equity.

At Netsmartz, we recognize the importance of equity and inclusion, and we're committed to supporting and empowering women in the workplace and beyond. From promoting equal pay to offering flexible work arrangements and professional development opportunities, we strive to create a more equitable and inclusive environment.

Together, we can continue to break down barriers and create a better future for all.

Exciting News Alert!

Great Place to Work Award

We are thrilled to announce that Netsmartz has won the Great Place to Work Award!

This award recognizes the incredible efforts and dedication of every team member at Netsmartz in creating a positive and empowering work culture.

Our commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace has been recognized.

Day well spent!

Day well spent!

Recently Netsmartzians got onto the streets of India Gate, Delhi to unleash their sporty side.

Combining the power of yoga and jogging, our office buddies indulged in 'Yogging' - a unique way to exercise.

Here's a little sneak peek at the fun excursion!

Launching ESOP

Launching ESOP

Adding value to our employees over the course of their tenure at Netsmartz is something we’ve always endeavoured towards.

In the same regard, Netsmartz recently announced it ESOP plan at an elaborate event held in JW Marriott, Chandigarh!

This latest ESOP plan will give every Netsmartzian an opportunity to own valuable shares of the company and be a part of its growth and success.

Netsmartz Corporate Bash

Netsmartz Corporate Bash

A night to be remembered! The Netsmartz Corporate Bash held on 29th December 2022 was a resounding success, with employees from all of our branches turning up looking suave and chic for the eve!

Here’s a glimpse of the epic night!

Pyjama Day in Office

Pyjama Day in Office

Well, at Netsmartz, we made it happen for a day!

Employees at Netsmartz Gurgaon and Netsmartz Noida showed up to work in their pyjamas and had a blast as they worked cozily!

Working and chilling can go hand in hand, and our fun little Pyjama day is proof of it!

Diwali Celebration in Netsmartz 2022

Diwali Celebration 2022

All 4 of our global locations in India – Chandigarh, Mohali, Noida, and Gurgaon – brought home the festivities as employees turned up to spread the festive cheer!

The celebration was nothing less than spectacular. Here are a few glimpses!

Netsmartz Movie Break

Netsmartz Movie Break

Nothing, right?

Netsmartzians sat down together for a fun and entertaining movie screening brought to us by IDFC that left us all with something to talk about and remember. Nothing can beat the sheer joy of sitting down with your office mates and sharing thoughts over a thought-provoking film.

Health Checkup

Regular Health Check-up

The entirety of the Netsmartz family turned up to get their dose of a regular health check-up and consultation from Max Hospital's seasoned doctors, Dr. Anshika & Dr. Nancy.

We are one!

Independence Day Celebration 2022

This is how Netsmartzians of Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh & Mohali celebrated 75 years of Independence. With Freedom in minds and faith in hearts, here's how we made this day memorable!

Netsmartz Culture Architect Program


We at Netsmartz understand how the right work environment leads to employees' well-being & productivity. We have always strived to be responsive to our employees' needs. We totally believe in employees being a partner in defining what kind of environment is best for them.

Towards this goal, we recently initiated Culture Architect's Program. People from different functions are coming together and leading our employee experience action plans.

Our people will get to decide what they want at workplace.

Back to Office

Back to Office

Forging long-lasting bonds & achieving unparalleled growth whilst binding to company values all under a shared office space is what every employee has craved throughout their term of remote working.

Now all of it is coming back as we get ready to welcome each one of our employees - BacktoOffice.

We simply couldn't be more elated and over the moon.

Noida Inauguration

Noida Inauguration

It is a proud moment for any organization when its business grows!

This year, Netsmartz has added one more gem and inaugurated a new office in Noida.

And with the Noida office coming into the picture, we are happy to share that now we have 10 offices across the globe.

Netsmartz Premier League

Netsmartz Premier League

All work and no play will make you – SAD & GREY!
And Netsmartzians won't let that happen!

Netsmartz organized Netsmartz Premier League 2022 which was held at RSS Sports Club, Gurugram.The match was held between two teams – Netsmartz Warriors & Netsmartz Super Kings.Both teams played well but Team Warrior won the match and took away the trophy! It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of all the participants who performed extremely well and thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Netsmartz Went to Smaash

Netsmartz Went to Smaash

On a day full of fun and laughter, Netsmartzians got together & went for a super exciting bowling session and had lunch.

Everyone had a blast playing games and spending time getting to know each other better. Here's a sneak peek at the fun-filled session!

Virtual talent hunt

At Netsmartz, we believe health is the highest form of wealth that must be contained and kept up.

Since we consider it as our utmost responsibility to keep all the people associated with the organization healthy and happy, we conducted a virtual wellness webinar on Hand care and fighting fungal infections with our expert, Dr. Vikram Lahoria, Consultant, MBBS, MD Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy, MAX Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali.

The session not only helped our Netsmartzians have insights on healthy hand care practices but also understand the concept of extensive care when it comes to health issues caused due to fungal contamination.

Virtual bhangra session

"Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good." ~ Maya Angelou

There is no time better than Thanksgiving to share what you feel for people around you and we at Netsmartz never miss the opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation.

This Thanksgiving, we tried to make it more special for all our Netsmartzians by organizing a virtual Thanksgiving celebration event with our stay on skills team where interactive chat, games, and various other activities added to the festive spirit.

Here are some quick glimpses of our team relishing Thanksgiving Day.


"Festival Season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us."

This Diwali, Netsmartz organized a Virtual Diwali Party with our Stay on Skills team extending the feeling of joy and festivity to all our amazing employees.

The session was bright and charming as it brought all our teams together with enthusiastic participation in singing, dancing, and so many other activities and games.

After all, celebrations are all about people we love and value.

Meanwhile, check out some quick glimpses from the event to immerse yourself in the energy and enthusiasm of our Netsmartzians.

Celebrating Navratri is all about understanding the truth and exploring the strength of good over evil.

Enlightening the path to the Holy Spirit, positivity, and improved will power, team SOS organized a Virtual Wellness Booster Party, "Netsmartz Navratri Night.

With this agenda in mind, our GPW team organized a wellness booster party in association with The Stay on Skills team encouraging team communication and bonding.

The session meant to bring all our Netsmartzians closer and live the feeling of festivity while following the social distancing norms of the pandemic.

Here are some snapshots from the virtual session.

"When people are taking efforts to make your business possible, celebrating the endeavor and success is essential."

To make our employees feel uplifted and cheerful, our SOS team at Netsmartz organized a team Olympics Virtual Wellness Booster Party session.

The session was all fun making our employees feel over the moon with so many exciting games, laughter, and a lot of engaging conversations.

Feel the vibe and check out the glimpses of the event.

If there is one word that defines our people at Netsmartz, it would definitely be "PARTY" since we know how important it is to get a change when you are giving the best of you to the work.

To maintain that uplifting spirit and get over the casual routine, team SOS organized Netsmartz Beach Party at GOA.

The session was bright and full of energy with so many amazing games, dance performances, solo singing, and heaps of group fun.

Take a glance at the event to experience the energy and fun.

At Netsmartz, we always aim to be the best support to our second family i.e. our amazing Netsmartzians, and ensure health for all, the best thing we can do is consult with the finest healthcare providers in the region.

Under our GPW initiative, we recently conducted a virtual OPD session in collaboration with MAX hospital where our expert, Dr. Ravi Kant Behl, Director, Max super specialty hospital shared insights into a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The session helped many of our team members to understand the path and process to good health while learning the curing process to common health concerns.

Since COVID-19 has turned to be the most crucial and significant health concern on the global stage, Netsmartz takes it as a responsibility to extend concern towards our employees as well as their families, especially the young ones.

Our GPW team recently conducted a virtual wellness webinar in collaboration with MAX Hospital where our expert, Dr. Manu Sharma, MBBS, MD – Consultant, Max Super Specialty Hospital.

Take the glimpse of the session where Dr. Sharma shared his valuable insights on the topic, "COVID and Children" along with the necessary information related to prevention and cure, while sustaining good health and immunity amongst children during the times of pandemic.

"Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability." – Patrick Lencioni

At Netsmartz, we always strive to promote a feeling of solidarity when it comes to our employees.

With this agenda in mind, our GPW team organized a wellness booster party in association with The Stay on Skills team encouraging team communication and bonding.

Here we have a glimpse of the event to share.

"Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have." – Winston Churchill

Just like healthy citizens are assets to a country, it is healthy employees that create a healthy organization.

Under our GPW initiative, Netsmartz conducted a virtual wellness webinar on the topic, "How to Cure Vitamin Deficiency" with our expert Dr. Monica Agarwal, MBBS, MD, Senior Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cloudnine Hospital.

The session helped our employees understand the various health issues that they may develop due to vitamin deficiency along with the detailed guidance to cure and prevent them.

"A little party never hurt anybody"

Netsmartz always aims to stick with its agenda "Work Hard, Party Harder" and this time, we worked it with a wellness booster party, "Bond with the Best" in collaboration with our SOS and GPW team.

The session was all about keeping our employees motivated and cheerful with engaging conversations and exciting team games.

"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything." ~ Thomas Carlyle

For us, the health of our employees is our top priority as we account for every single person working with Netsmartz as our extended family.

This time, our GPW team conducted another virtual wellness webinar, especially for our female employees.

The session meant to discuss, "Common Gynae Problems and the Associated Precautions in times of COVID" with our expert, Dr. Seema Wadhwa, Associate Director, Max Super Specialty Hospital.

At Netsmartz, we are proud to share our roots with the country that is so rich in its culture and has turned to be the biggest democracy in the world.

Like every year, Independence Day celebration at Netsmartz was full of energy and enthusiasm where so many events and activities were planned to commemorate Indian glory.

Life can get monotonous at times, but not at Netsmartz.

To make our employees lift the routine tedium, we conducted "the laughter unlimited party" where various activities were organized under our GPW initiative.

The session had active and enthusiastic participation from our Netsmartzians who portrayed an excellent show of talent and coordination during the event.

Some highlights of the session included:

Standup comedy.

Super fun games.

Team-building activities.

Wellness Webinar by Art of Living

Blood Donation Camp at Netsmartz

"A healthy soul leads to a healthy body"

Since life can get demanding when you need to manage between your family, work, and your own space, it becomes necessary to give refreshment to your soul.

To help our employees get rid of stress and move to the state of wellness, Netsmartz conducted a wellness webinar with Art of Living.

The session helped employees to have a break from the routine hassle and gain positive motivation to lead a healthy work-life balance.

Nirvana – A session on life skills and positive thinking

Motivational Session with Healthy Minds

When we talk about positive thinking and life skills, we believe in consistency rather than temporary impressions.

Netsmartz always ensures that its employees get and have optimistic and bright energy all around the workplace.

With a goal to make them more resilient and open towards the day to day challenges, we conducted a session called Nirvana.

The session helped our employees get over the idea of stress and rumination while building a stronger moral to achieve the greatest in life.

A wellness webinar – ‘Coping with Change’ in collaboration with Fortis Hospital

Monthly Dental OPD at Netsmartz in Association with Spring Dental

The times of pandemic are going harsh on lives for people across the world and to help our Netsmartzians understand the current paradigm of lifestyle change, Netsmartz conducted a wellness session in collaboration with Fortis Hospital.

The session meant to guide the employees on exploring the brighter side of life while heading towards the path of fulfillment, success, and inner peace.

A dental health camp along with stress management in collaboration with Spring Up Dental

Appreciation Day at Netsmartz

‘Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.’ – Miguel de Cervantes

At Netsmartz, we believe in counting happy faces when we need to see our progress as a happy company.

To ensure pleasing and stress-free smiles all around the workplace, we conducted a dental health camp with Spring Up Dental.

The session not just helped our employees get a quick check of their oral health but also shared an intuitive session on stress management.

Rendezvous - Virtual Talent Hunt Show

Virtual talent hunt

Netsmartz as an organization always intends to make every employee's life easier and less complicated. To ensure a healthy work-life balance, this time we came up with a Virtual Talent Hunt Show.

Filled with so many exciting events and activities, the virtual talent hunt show turned to be a retreat for all our Netsmartzians.

For the participants, it was all the glee getting a chance to showcase their talent while for those who attended it as the audience had all the pleasure to their eyes. The outperforming participants were awarded gifts and goodies.

Destress Yourself Goodie – Virtual Bhangra Session in collaboration with Red Bull

Virtual bhangra session

We at Netsmartz always aim to create a cheerful and easy environment for our employees even if it is times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help our Netsmartzians get over the regular grind, a virtual bhangra session was organized to break the monotony

Conducted in association with Red Bull, the GPW session had enthusiastic participation from our amazing Netsmartzians who like always made it a successful activity to plan.

Health Awareness Session on COVID-19(Fighting COVID-19) in collaboration with IVY Hospital


Health should be the most significant part of our routine. Perhaps, we hardly get time out of our busy lives to improve on our health either mental or physical being.

But at Netsmartz, we never forget to look after people who help us become better with each passing day. As a part of Health is Wealth goodie, Netsmartz organized an awareness session on "Fighting COVID-19" in collaboration with IVY Hospital.

The session was everything about fighting the pandemic while bringing the work-life and day to day tasks back on the track. After all, it is only the precautions that can keep us protected.

Health is Wealth Session


Keeping the body in good health is as essential as food is to live.

To ensures that our employees feel strong and clear during the COVID-19 shutdown, Netsmartz is conducting the "Health is Wealth" session every weekend.

Hosted by Mr. Parth Gargish, Vice President, Business & Operations, Netsmartz, the session had enthusiastic participation from our Netsmartzians.

Counselling Helpline

Counselling Helpline

"Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone"

To ensure that our employees stay healthy and sound, Netsmartz is conducting regular counseling sessions for all.

During these hours of extreme panic, we believe that human to human support is the only cure that can help to get over the stress of COVID-19 and maintain peace.

Stay safe!

Wellness Webinar

Wellness Webinar

"Health is a state of the body, Wellness is the state of the being" ~ J. Stanford."

To survive through the toughest challenges and hurdles in life, the only thing which we need is to ensure a balance between body and mind.

Netsmartz with Cloudnine Hospital conducted a wellness webinar in which employees were instructed and illuminated on topics like Nutrition, Stress Management, and Physiotherapy.

After all, our body is the ultimate home where we live.

Women Empowerment Session at Netsmartz

Motivational Session with Healthy Minds

"Empowered Women, Empower Society"

Like every year, Netsmartz is celebrating the women’s day week under its EmpowHer initiative.

Celebrating the spirit of feminism, our GPW team organized activity with motivational speaker and consultant trainer, Mr. Nishant Mahajan.

Inspiring all the women through an interactive session, he delivered interesting insights on self-branding in women, roles & techniques of managing time & energy, creating space for self, along with some fun learning activities.

Celebrating Womanhood at Netsmartz

Motivational Session with Healthy Minds

"The most beautiful woman is unafraid to be herself."

Netsmartz promotes the idea of women empowerment because women carry the capacity to change things and create a better world. Under the EmpowHer initiative, our GPW team conducted the 2nd activity of the WeInspire month, where an informative session was conducted with the experts of Cloudnine Hospitals.

The session had a brief discussion on female health disorders, nutrition planning along with essential tips to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Blood Donation Camp at Netsmartz in Association with Ivy Hospital

Blood Donation Camp at Netsmartz

"Every blood donor is a life saver since it is the greatest gesture you can make to serve humankind."

At Netsmartz, we promote a culture that nurtures society, making the world a better place to live, and there can be no better way than blood donation camps to make people connect and deepen empathy for fellow human beings.

Here are some glimpses from the blood donation camp organized at Netsmartz in association with Ivy Healthcare on 20th February 2020.

Motivational Session with Healthy Minds

Motivational Session with Healthy Minds

Since a strong and confident team is all that drives to success, Netsmartz, in collaboration with Healthy Wealthy Minds, organized a team-building and motivational session at all its work places.

Lead by NISHANT MAHAJAN the session revealed notable tips on stress-relieving and relishing a happier life. Here are some glimpses from the event to explore.

Monthly Dental OPD at Netsmartz in Association with Spring Dental

Monthly Dental OPD at Netsmartz in Association with Spring Dental

"A Pleasing Smile comes from the Heart, but a Healthy Smile needs a Good Dentist."

Encouraging the spirit of oral health month, Netsmartz organized a dental OPD session in association with Spring Dental, where all our Netsmartzians with dental concerns took advantage of professional diagnosis and advice.

Appreciation Day at Netsmartz

Appreciation Day at Netsmartz

"Appreciation is the biggest emotional need of humans and an admired soul always aims to do more than what is expected."

This appreciation day, all our Netsmartzians showed their willingness to put their feelings into words, sharing notes of appreciation.

At Netsmartz, we promote the feeling of gratitude towards those who add value to our lives. After all, the moment of appreciation is all about sharing happiness, extending care, and making the hearts blossom.

Financial Literacy Workshop in Collaboration with Pandora Enterprises

Financial Literacy Workshop

Your career growth is not just determined by your earnings, rather how smartly you invest!

Netsmartz with Pandora Enterprises held a Financial Literacy Workshop- Money-WISE on January 15th & 16th, under the GPW initiative. The workshop emphasized improving banking, maintaining a credit score, tax savings, investment planning, and implement financial decisions.

OPD Camp Organized by Cloudnine Hospital

OPD Camp Organized by Cloudnine Hospital

"We care for our people, and we want them to stay healthy and sound."

Like every month, Netsmartz organized monthly medical OPD Camp in collaboration with Cloudnine Hospital, Chandigarh. This time, the medical camp included professional diagnosis and advice on Gynecology, Ergonomics, and Dietician care.

Christmas 2019 - Wish Tree

Christmas - Wish Tree

We all know some people that work silently with all their hearts and not many expectations but still are giving their best to make our life better. Yes, we are talking about our extended family who keeps the workspace clean, who do the décor on festivals, and who always serve us with a pleasing smile on their faces.

This Christmas, Netsmartz took a step forward to appreciate their efforts and make the festival special for their staff since it is the contribution of all that makes an organization stand tall.

So what we did was planning "Make A Wish Christmas Tree" for our staff on which the staff members tied their wishes. And our lovely Netsmartzians took the pledge to do random acts of kindness and turn their wishes true. After all, it is only the good relations we cherish, and there can be nothing more human than spreading the smiles and love.

Monthly Medical OPD With Atulaya

Christmas - Monthly Medical OPD

To keep our Netsmartzians healthy and hopeful, we collaborated with Atulaya Healthcare for the routine checkups, which included PFT, Eye Examination, Complementary Calcium Test, B.P., Blood Sugar Level Test, and expert counseling by the physicians.

Destress Yourself - Bhangra Session by Ultimate Fitness


"Happy people are always the most productive."

At Netsmartz, we believe productivity is the skill to manifest ideas and adding value to the business without compromising health and mental calm.

To assure fresh minds and high spirits of our Netsmartzians, Bhangra sessions were organized at all our office locations, in collaboration with Ultimate Fitness Gym & Spa.

Monthly Medical OPD

Monthly medical opd

"We at Netsmartz want our people to stay healthy and fit."

Under the GPW program, a monthly medical OPD was conducted at Netsmartz on 28th November 2019.

The session was meant to work on Physician Counseling, Free PFT, Diet Counseling, and Eye Examination, sharing insights on vital stats, health issues, and necessary prescriptions.

Thanksgiving 2019 Celebration at Netsmartz


"It is always a blessing to have people who stand by your side during your highs and lows."

This Thanksgiving, Netsmartz celebrated the feeling of thankfulness appreciating all those who have made it reach the skies of success.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Netsmartzians who have always made us proud with their hard work and dedication.

Financial Literacy Workshop in Collaboration with Pandora Enterprises

Netsmartz Financial Literacy Workshop

Netsmartz with Pandora Enterprises hosted a Financial Literacy Workshop, Money-WISE. Held under the GPW initiative, the workshop agenda aimed at improved banking, managing a credit score, saving taxes, and planning investments.

Health Camp Organized by Dr. Batra's Homeopathy

Netsmartz Dr Batra

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! This time, Netsmartz collaborated with Dr. Batra’s. The session included General Health Check-Up, Consultation on BCI, Hair & Scalp Evaluation, Nutrition Tips, Educative Tips, and Concession on Treatments.

Medical OPD in Collaboration with Apollo Hospital

Netsmartz Medical OPD

A Healthy Mind Resides in a Healthy Body! Netsmartz collaborated with Apollo Hospital and Amcare Hospital for Monthly OPD! General Physician Counselling, Free PFT, Diet Counselling, and Eye Examination were a part of the Monthly OPD.

Destress Yourself in Collaboration with Abhinav Bindra

Netsmartz Destress Yourself

Netsmartz always strives to maintain an exultant working environment! Here’s an insight into a recent activity- "Destress Yourself," organized in collaboration with Abhinav Bindra Activity on ‘Office Ergonomics and Right Posture.’

Body Composition Analysis Check with Burn Gym

Netsmartz Body composition analysis check

"No Wealth is bigger than Your Health" Netsmartz leave no stone unturned in ensuring Better Healthcare Facilities for our ardent Employees! Here’s a glimpse of Body Composition Analysis Camp organized by Netsmartz in collaboration with Burn Gym.

Netsmartz in collaboration with OORJAA

August Netsmartz in Collaboration with OORJAA

As a part of our CSR Initiative for Q3-2019, we are pleased to announce that would be collaborating with a Social Purpose Organisation – OORJAA! The pictures depict it all!

Independence Day Celebration 2019

Independence Day Celebration

A glimpse of Independence Day Celebration in our premises that showcase our patriotism!

Healthcare session on "Effect of Modern Technology on Human Hearing"


Catch a glimpse of our recent GPW Initiative - Health is Wealth "Effect of Modern Technology on Human Hearing" organized in collaboration with Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula.

Financial Planning Workshop

Financial planning

Career growth is not just about how much you make; rather, how you invest and save. An open-house workshop in collaboration with Karvy Corporate, a financial services company was organized on 3 July, 2019 & 4 July, 2019 for Netsmartzians. The experts helped our employees in a one-on-one session about their investments and savings goals by chalking out a feasible financial investment plan.

Breast Cancer Awareness Talk

Breast Cancer

Netsmartz believes in Health is Wealth. As a part of our GPW Initiative, we organized Breast Cancer Awareness Talk on 10th July, 2019 and 11th July, 2019 in collaboration with Cloudnine Hospital, Chandigarh, wherein Dr. Sunaina Bansal guided our female employees about healthcare.

Monthly OPD

Special OPD

Netsmartz promises employees’ good health. Thus, an in-house monthly OPD was organized wherein Eye Specialist, Physiotherapist, General Physician and Dietician from Max Hospital and Grecian Hospital, visited us, guiding employees about various health issues and their prevention.

Celebration of World Environment Day

Celebration of World Environment Day

This World Environment Day, that is celebrated on 5th June every year, Netsmartzians showed encouraging participation. The teams took part in activities around the global theme of ‘Beat Air Pollution’ – planted saplings, participated in slogan and shared their views on reducing carbon footprints.

International Yoga Day Celebration

Special OPD for Night Shift Employees

On the occasion of International Yoga Day 2019, a yoga session in collaboration with Burn Gym, Panchkula was organized at Netsmartz. Certified yoga trainers conducted a special session on Chair Yoga and Stretching & Breathing techniques followed by a QnA session.

Monthly OPD + Special OPD for Night Shift Employees

Special OPD for Night Shift Employees

    In-house health checkup of Netsmartzians has become a part of our work culture and this time, an Eye Specialist and a Gynecologist from Max Hospital, and a General Physician along with a Dietician from Grecian Hospital organized an OPD for day and night shift employees. The doctors examined vital stats, existing health concerns, and prescribed what’s needed. Being healthy isn’t a goal, it is a way of living.

Activity for Destress Yourself- Bhangra Session in collaboration with Ultimate Fitness

Raddi se  Shiksha Abhiyaan

As a part of our GPW Initiative -‘De-stress Yourself’ Netsmartz organized a Bhangra session for the employees. The event was fun-filled and the Netsmartzians enjoyed shaking their legs to the tune of Bhangra with great enthusiasm.

Financial Planning and Tax Saving Session

Financial Planning and Tax Saving Session

Salary packages and incentives don’t help anyone to become wealthy; savings and investments do. Employees learned about the importance of financial growth through savings and investments at the session organized at Netsmartz.

Raddi Se Shiksha Abhiyaan

Raddi se  Shiksha Abhiyaan

The more you give, the more you get – when you open your heart for a noble cause. As a part of our CSR initiative, Netsmartzians came together and donated variety of educational resources including notebooks and other stationery material that would make someone’s life a better one. Here’s a glimpse of Raddi Se Shiksha Abhiyaan.

Special OPD for Night Shift Employees

For Netsmartzians, being healthy isn’t a goal, it is their way of living. Gastro & General Physician OPD by Max Hospital was organized for our employees about seasonal health issues and prevention. Another special Medical OPD by IVY Hospital was organized for night-shift employees to help them keep up with good dental hygiene and overall well-being.

Special OPD for Night Shift Employees

Medical OPD at Netsmartz

Charity Drive for Aashman NGO

Keeping up our promise of ensuring good health of the Netsmartzians, an in-house Medical OPD was organized. A team including Dietician and Gynaecologist from Max Healthcare examined vital stats, existing health concerns, and prescribed what’s needed.

Counselling Session - "Inside Out"

Counselling Session - Inside Out

At Netsmartz we help our employees to destress themselves. As a part of our GPW activity we conduct a free counselling session - "Inside Out" with a psychologist every month to foster healthy living. It is a great platform where our employees pour their hearts out and seek advice from the counselling experts on their personal matters.

Hi-Tea Party with the CEO & Senior Mangement

Hi-Tea Party

Being a woman in the male-driven IT industry can be tough! As a token of appreciation for the female staff members, Netsmartz organized a Hi-Tea Party as a part of the GPW initiative. Cheers to all the strong women out there!

Self Grooming & Makeup Session by Avon Representatives

Self Grooming & Makeup Session

Age and time is no barrier to make women look gorgeous, pretty and presentable. On the occasion of International Women's Day, we decided to give a self-grooming session from the AVON Chandigarh representatives. Tips on skin care, proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle were shared by the experts with all the female employees of Netsmartz.

Zumba Session


As a part of our GPW initiative and EmpowerHer program, the female employees at Netsmartz pumped up the volume and grooved to the beats of Zumba. Here’s a glimpse of this fun-filled activity.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Talk

Cervical Cancer Awareness

As a part of our GPW initiative and the EmpowHer campaign, an awareness talk on Cervical Cancer was organized. All the female employees at Netsmartz were educated about this health issue, early symptoms, and the treatments available. The experts at the session answered the questions and busted myths around Cervical Cancer. Here’s a glimpse.

Blood Donation Drive at Netsmartz

Blood Donation Drive

We’re blessed with a gift and if we can share it with the world, it can save so many lives. As a part of our CSR initiative Netsmartz in collaboration with Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh conducted a Blood Donation Drive on 26th February 2019. Netsmartzians came forward to donate blood and help humanity. Here’s a glimpse.

In-house Medical OPD at Netsmartz


Keeping up Netsmartzians hale and hearty is our responsibility and we’re quite serious about that. An in-house Medical OPD was organized and a team of doctors from MAX Healthcare examined vital stats and existing health conditions of the employees.

A Workshop on Stress Management at Netsmartz

Stress beat it now

People working in corporates may sometime feel stressed and to beat that stress, a workshop on Stress Management was conducted at Netsmartz by Mr. Prashant Kaul, Zonal Manager HR, HDB Financial Services.

Thanksgiving 2018 Celebration at Netsmartz

Netsmartz celebrated Thanksgiving Day, by showing a respectful gesture of honoring the families of our employees as a "Family Day" on Nov 30, 2018. Parents, spouses, and the kids had an opportunity to feel and tour the place where their family members work. The event was fun-filled for the whole family to enjoy. The games showed the beautiful bond between the couples. Some newborns melt the hearts and posed for a perfect click. Colleagues competed to be a show-stopper in the backdrop of music. At last, people bid adieu after the delicious snacks. Thanks to Netsmartz Family for making it an inspiring and memorable event.

De-stress Management Workshop at Netsmartz

Charity Drive for Aashman NGO

A De-stress session was organized for all the employees at Netsmartz on 4th Oct 2018. The experts from Art of Living Club, Chandigarh helped them learn about ways to relax their mind and body and to stay happy through fun-filled activities, breathing techniques and mindfulness.

Session on Sustainability at Netsmartz

Charity Drive for Aashman NGO

Earthr, a non-profit foundation, brings sustainability Issues, Ideas, Entrepreneurs and Investments together on one platform to resolve crucial issues like Climate Change, Plastic Waste, Energy Crisis, and Peace Conflicts through awareness sessions, team activities, and community services. An eye-opener session was hosted by Mr. Dharmesh Mehta to understand the extent of the damage we've caused to the planet and how we can make a difference.

Flash Mob at Netsmartz

Charity Drive for Aashman NGO

Honoring India’s 72nd Independence Day!

Netsmartzians celebrated 72nd Independence Day on 15th August with high-spiritedness.They danced to the beats and swayed to the moves at the dazzling Flash Mob. Emotions, patriotism and freedom, everything was just downright awesome.

Charity Drive for Aashman NGO

Charity Drive for Aashman NGO

Netsmartz organized a Charity Drive for Aashman NGO that is involved in providing education to underprivileged students, as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, The objective of Aashman Foundation is to work unconditionally for Women Empowerment, Single Income Families and Underprivileged Children through environmental-based livelihood programs like healthcare, innovative education and more.

To support the same, Netsmartzians came together and played their part to support underprivileged children in all the possible ways. We would like to thank the entire Netsmartz Family who contributed towards this noble cause in their own possible ways.

Star Performer of the Quarter Program

Here are the Winners of the Star Performer of the Quarter (SPQ) for the Second Quarter of 2018. As they say – "When the going gets tough; the tough get going". This is the virtue of people with outstanding qualities in creating impact through their valuable contributions within the workforce. At Netsmartz, the "Star Performer of the Quarter Program" acknowledge employees for their contributions in achieving the departmental and companywide goals.We appreciate the efforts and the time they put into the job beyond daily activities and have shown outstanding enthusiasm to learn and grow professionally.

Bhangra Fitness Workshop

Bhangra Fitness Workshop

Bhangra is a way to fitness!

Netsmartz organized Bhangra Fitness Workshop on June13, 2018 conducted by Burn Gym and choreographed by a renowned International Workout Bhangra Trainer ‘Mickey Singh’. It was all about the joy of movement.

An Initiative to Support the Vision of UT Administration for a Clean and Pollution Free Environment


As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we took the initiative to support the vision of UT administration for a clean and pollution free environment. The intent of the project is to educate people about – how plants help clean our air and environment to a greater extent than we had realized. UT administration distributed plants to Netsmartzians, which they had to plant and grow at a safe place. Our sincere thanks to the entire Netsmartz Family who contributed towards the betterment of our society.

Women's Day Celebration- 2018


Netsmartz recognizes the power, grace and abilities of women. We celebrated the International Women’s Day 2018 at our different locations with our diligent female employees.

Expert Health Talk on Weight Loss and Detox Diet Tips


Communicating with your female employees about their health and putting some efforts to let them stay healthy helps to keep the unavailability and downtime costs low.

Netsmartz conducted an Expert Health Talk on Weight Loss and Detox Diet Tips for all the female employees organized by Paras Bliss Hospital.

Role Model of the Year


In a journey towards becoming a better leader, having role models who you can look up to is a pronounced way of motivation. This goodie was all about finding the right role model in Netsmartz.Those sterling souls who well-behave, work hard and follow the rules and don’t have any misdemeanors to their name.

Star Performer of the Quarter Program

Congratulations to you all on earning the Star Performer of the Quarter (SPQ) award for the First Quarter of 2018.

Netsmartz’s "Star Performer of the Quarter Program" acknowledges the outstanding qualities and contributions of the employees who work passionately and with a focus on the departmental and companywide goals and mission. We really appreciate the efforts and the time you have put into your job beyond daily activities and have shown outstanding enthusiasm to learn and grow professionally.

Star Performer of the Quarter Program

Netsmartz’s "Star Performer of the Quarter Program" acknowledges the outstanding qualities and contributions of the employees who work passionately and with a focus on the departmental and companywide goals and mission.

We really appreciate the efforts and the time you have put into your job beyond daily activities and have shown outstanding enthusiasm to learn and grow professionally. Congratulations to you all on earning the Star Performer of the Quarter (SPQ) award for the third quarter of 2017.

Family Day @ Netsmartz

Netsmartz celebrated "Family Day" on Nov 24, 2017, a respectful gesture of saying thank you to the families of our employees on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day. Parents, spouses, kids had an opportunity to feel the place their family members work and had a great time as the event was fun-filled & action-packed for the whole family to enjoy.

The day was a tremendous success with 80+ family members attending across the course of the day. Couples danced to their toes. Kids got tattooed their favorite characters. Colleagues competed to grab a seat in the backdrop of music. People Bid Adieu after the delicious snacks.It was a memorable and inspiring event; people socialized and created a jovial bond with the family members of their peers.

Health Checkup and Consultation Camp


Here’s another initiative of Netsmartz for its employees’ health.

A Health Checkup and Consultation Camp was organized to educate about common health problems faced now-a- days. The event included health awareness talks by the doctors, free consultation with the general practitioner, Dental checkup, blood sugar and blood pressure tests and BMI checkups.

A Day at Old Age Home: CSR Activity #GiveBack


A strong sense of social responsibility and giving back to society is an integral part of Netsmartz value system.As an epitome of developing a humanistic society, Netsmartzians visited Sri Satya Sai Old Age home, Sec 30, Chandigarh.It was really a joyous experience for all to interact with the elderly and showing the keenness by helping the humanity.The wizened residents of the home enjoyed the visit and appreciated the efforts of Netsmartz towards promotion of a healthy society.

Here’s a glimpse into the selection of photos from our CSR activity.

Star Performer of the Quarter Program

Netsmartz’s "Star Performer of the Quarter Program" acknowledges the outstanding qualities and contributions of the employees who work passionately and with a focus on the departmental and companywide goals and mission.

We really appreciate the efforts and the time you have put into your job beyond daily activities and have shown outstanding enthusiasm to learn and grow professionally. Congratulations to you all on earning the Star Performer of the Quarter (SPQ) award for the second quarter of 2017.

Netsmartz Online University


Learning at their own convenience

Netsmartz is proud to announce the launch of its new Netsmartz Online University as an initiative for employee Training & Development. Riding on the platform of the Netsmartz Learning Management System, Netsmartz Online University will host different training programs mapping to the different employee job roles.

Easy Employee Loan Policy


A loan when they need it the most

We recently launched an Employee Loan Policy to help Netsmartzians when they need it the most. The objective is to ensure the happiness and financial security of our people, so they continue to thrive in our company's positive environment.

Celebrating CSR Day

A strong sense of social responsibility and giving back to society is an integral part of the Netsmartz value system. And as a part of this, Netsmartz celebrated CSR Day on 25th May, 2017. A group of Netsmartz volunteers participated in a charity drive collecting and distributing clothes and groceries to the needy.


CSR Day: Giving back to society

Our charity drive focused on the not-so-fortunate living in the slums near Mansa Devi and the Kusht Rogi Aashram in Phase 2, Industrial Area, Chandigarh.

It was good to see the high spirits and fun that the team had while doing their good deed. On an impromptu note, they hailed an ice-cream vendor passing by much to the delight of the slum kids who thoroughly enjoyed their treat!

Distributing groceries and clothes

A volunteer handing over clothes to a grateful recipient

A volunteer unloading the truck!

Legal Helpline for Netsmartzians

women empower

Free legal consultation

Netsmartz initiated a legal helpline for its people. For any type of legal issue or dispute, they can seek free consultation with the in-house legal consultant Advocate Ekant Aggarwal, Legal Head at Netsmartz.

Women's Day Special: EmpowHer for Women's Empowerment

8th March being International Women's Day, we celebrated women's month in March by organizing a ton of events for our ladies. This is a small glimpse. We also started a WhatsApp group called EmpowHer with all the ladies in our offices. This will be a channel for the women to know and discuss relevant topics.

women empower

Seminar on Breast Cancer Awareness

We had an enlightening session on Breast Cancer Awareness. The session was attended by all women employees at Netsmartz. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Gurpreet Singh – who is a Professor of Surgery at PGI, Chandigarh and was accompanied by Breast Cancer Trust Chandigarh members - Dr. Shashi Prabha and Dr. Kamal Walia.

Session on Self Defense for Women

To educate our female employees, we had a seminar on self-defense by Mr. B S Handa, Black Belt 6th Dan, WTF (Korea), Director – Extreme Martial Arts, Chandigarh. The session gave the ladies a lot of confidence and taught them how to be on their guard while outdoors.

Health Checkup & Consultation Camp

A health checkup and consultation camp was organized to educate our ladies about women-specific health issues. Our speakers were Consultant Gynecologists & Obstetricians: Dr. Shilva, Dr. Monica Agarwal and Dr. Seema Wadhwa with Chief Dietitian Gunjan Pannu, all from Paras Bliss Hospital,

High Tea with our CEO

There was a special high tea for the ladies with Manipal Dhariwal, our CEO and all the HODs on 30th March 2017. He spoke briefly on the importance of women. A similar high tea was held at Sebiz as well - it was fun all around!

Adding Momentum to the GPW Movement

Town Hall Meeting

A Town Hall meeting in progress to unveil the Goodies for February and to announce new developments on the GPW front. At Netsmartz, Town Hall meetings are held every month at all our locations to keep our teams updated on what’s happening.

The GPW Newsletter

The GPW Newsletter has been launchedand will be published every 2 months. It will carry all the news, suggestions, goodies and progress updates related to the GPW initiative.

The Scooter Suggestion Box

We have parked scooters in all our offices where people can drop in their suggestions. Some of these suggestions will be introduced as 'Goodies' or employee benefits in the future.

Action Planning GPW Workshop

When our GPW initiative was flagged off, we had a workshop at the Lalit, Chandigarh to acquaint core team members with the GPW concept. The one and a half day Action Planning Workshop was attended by the leaders and function heads of Netsmartz.