How to Use Animation Effectively in eLearning


eLearning has become the most flexible way to gain knowledge for modern learners. It is transforming the face of education for today’s learner. To engage more and more people every day, the courses and modules on eLearning websites should match with the visual imagery of modern learners.

To implement an interactive e-learning program, it requires careful planning and implementation. As common these days, today’s generation spends most of their time surfing the net, watching movies, scrolling through social media, and gazing at advertisements. It is imperative to understand the power of visual stimulus while designing eLearning courses. The best eLearning courses are largely visual.

Numerous strategies and elements are available to design engaging eLearning courses according to learners’ visual faculty. Animation is one of the strategies and ranks supreme over the rest. From traditional 2D animation or popular 3D animation to advanced motion graphics, all these types of animation are beneficial and ideal for delivering eLearning content.

Benefits of Animation in eLearning

  • Animation simplifies even the most complex concepts.
  • Animation breathes life into content and explains a large amount of information quickly

These are just some of the benefits of animation. It is always a good idea to include animation at the beginning of a chapter or topic for an introduction. This way the audience gets a clearer picture of the chapter or a .

Are you planning to include animation in your e-Learning courses? If done correct, animation will grab your viewers’ attention, but it is important to know how to use animation to its full potential. To help you out, we have mentioned some of the best approaches.

1. Tell Your Story

Animation is a compelling way to tell a story, and it offers flexibility to communicate through symbolism. In fact, the first animation created was a story conveyed using no more than a set of continuous pictures played in quick succession.

If you want your learners to be engaged and pay attention to your content, storytelling is the perfect way. With little effort, it brings the scenario to life, which sometimes is not realistic using live-action videos. This is one of the reasons modern learners like illustrative animations more than videos with live people.

2. Simplify Complex Concepts

Complex concepts and information are easy to understand for learners. If explained through only text, or even text and images, certain things, such as economics, geographical events, or human or machine anatomy, could confuse learners. Aesthetically pleasing animation can replace the complex walls of text with content worth a thousand words.

3. Portray Famous Personalities

Characterizing famous personalities in animation can help to engage learners. From the past to the present, there are countless great and famous personalities who motivate people. You can create characters based on famous personalities, regardless of if they are living or dead. By including their motivating phrases or other useful information, you can bring them to life. This is a very effective and engaging way to replace text-based quotes or information.

4. Intertwine it with Entertainment

In order to help people learn, it is imperative to make it entertaining as well as engaging. By using humor, modern learning has intertwined itself with entertainment.
Everyone requires a break from the serious usual corporate monotony. Certain animated characters using a bit of humor help to break up lengthy training sessions as comedic relief.

Therefore, coupling unique characters with a bit of humor will put visual context to the concepts for modern learners. This way, learners will pay more attention, and the visual content will help them recall learned information after training.

To learn how to use animation effectively in eLearning, feel free to talk to our eLearning consultants.


How to Use Animation Effectively in eLearning
Umesh Goyal, Vice President
Published on
August 29, 2019

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