How to Integrate Machine Learning and AI in Your Existing Application


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are transforming businesses by predicting customer insights and future trends. Today, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are an integral part of every mobile application. This gives businesses a weapon to identify their flaws and target their customers better. Overall, customer experience insights help increase customer retention with better communication.

The top technology leaders like Apple and Google are utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously increase their customer satisfaction. Cross-Platform App Development and AI application development are the two trending application development features that are gaining in popularity and giving businesses an upper hand in the ever-growing competitive market scenario.

Do you wonder if you can implement AI into your business?

As technology is growing, businesses need to comply with customer needs and shopping trends. To become more capable of meeting consumer requirements, you will need to leverage Machine Learning and AI to stay ahead in the fast-growing and competitive markets. The results of AI and ML implementation bring out the most crucial business elements and help you understand your business in terms of your potential customers, their reviews, evolving trends, new product launches and changing product markets. According to many reports, the number of companies investing in ML and AI are expected to show a twofold increase in their next three years.

Implementing AI into your business leverages a deep learning process to understand customer behaviors and insights and then guide you through the complexities of your future business path.

Let’s look at some ways of integrating AI and ML into your business application.

1. Understanding user behavior: AI is an expert in analyzing your users’ behavior and shopping patterns. After analyzing every visitor’s behavioral pattern, AI recommends products to them and portrays a customized and personalized shopping experience to make each visitor feel as if the application is made only for them. Such a user experience gives you higher customer retention with more sales and ROI.

2. Smarter recommendations: The streaming services of Netflix and Amazon earn volumes of customers with higher rates of user retention and trust. Both Netflix and Amazon have implemented AI and ML into their applications that analyze user choices based on age, gender, and location and then recommends the most popular options in their watch playlist or that people with similar tastes have watched. This is an extremely popular technology for streaming services and is now being implemented into many other applications.

3. Reasoning: AI and Machine Learning are two adept technologies that infuse the power of reasoning into the solutions. You many have used Uber or an application like Google Maps to travel to various locations and might have found that the route changed based on traffic conditions. This is where AI works – by harnessing its reasoning capabilities. Thus, real-time quick decisions are now being powered by AI and adding to the best customer services.


It is crucial for business applications to understand the business’ customers. The user insights obtained using AI and ML provides a great way to understand your customers and change your business goals accordingly. With higher customer retention and customized experience, your business can have better sales with more loyal customers. Today, the top app development companies are now incorporating AI and ML to provide their clients and users with the best solutions.

It is must to have AI and ML incorporated into your application development for the survival of your business.


How to Integrate Machine Learning and AI in Your Existing Application
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
July 3, 2019

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