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Unveiling truths with passionate leaders

Kanav Jain excels in fostering strategic partnerships with SaaS, PaaS, and IT consultancy companies to facilitate their tech team expansions and optimize Product Development Roadmaps. Renowned for his expertise, he provides invaluable guidance on utilizing out-of-the-box team staffing solutions tailored to specific use cases, streamlining the development of MVPs, POCs, and software roadmaps. Serving as the Regional Partnerships Head at Netsmartz, Kanav spearheads the company's Tech Staffing and KPO offerings across APAC, the Middle East, and Australia.

Kanav Jain Regional Partnerships Head, Netsmartz


Parth is responsible for helping organizations go through digital transformations and building products as per the business goals. His primary focus is helping businesses select the right technology and workforce for better ROIs. Additionally, he is highly involved in working with offshore teams, finding you the right resources for your needs, and leading efforts to build multiple products in different industry verticals.

Parth Gargish Senior Vice President- Business & Technology, Netsmartz


John is a seasoned business leader, with hands on experience in: telecom-based mergers and acquisitions, turnaround management, sales and marketing, project transition and management, product management, diverse platform integration, software development architectural design and implementation, network infrastructure design management, and customer service improvements. Additionally he is an expert in creating successful long term client relationships across partnerships vital to the success of any organization.

John Ogden General Manager, Channel Sales Manager, Netsmartz


Anup Mehrorta plays a pivotal role in driving the strategic and tactical direction for one of the company's largest and fastest-growing business units. With a strong focus on generating revenue and expanding profit margins, Anup consistently delivers exceptional results. His ability to create and nurture client relationships is unmatched, fostering trust and long-term partnerships. Anup's relentless pursuit of excellence enables him to consistently surpass financial objectives, positioning him as a highly valuable asset to Netsmartz.

Anup Mehrotra Senior Vice President, Netsmartz


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