Top 5 Video-Based Learning Strategies In 2019


Video-based learning is the most widely used and globally accepted e-learning trend. With its engaging nature, video-based learning is giving a crisper mode of learning and understanding of the subjects. According to Forbes, the e-learning market is projected to reach $325 Billion by 2025.

This type of learning is so popular due to its capability to reach a great number of people and portray the information as a combination of graphics and audio. This representation adds life to the concept and makes comprehending and retaining it more effective. Video-based learning also supports on-demand microlearning.

With time, video-based learning will become even better and more effective. Let’s now walk through some video-based learning strategies that will shape this trend in 2019.

5 Popular Trends in 2019

1. MicroLearning Videos: Microlearning videos are a series of short videos that dispense information in a well-formed sequence. These short videos provide essential learning to viewers as and when required. Moreover, your audience need not go through a long video to find the required information. Audiences today are more learned and tend to look for precise videos that are good enough in showcasing the right information while saving them time. So, it is important to make learner-centric videos with rich media formats. Another aspect that makes these microlearning materials popular is that they are smartphone friendly.

2. 360 Degree Videos: Empowered by virtual reality, this is another popular format and a great learning source. 360-degree videos give your audiences a complete view of the entity they are learning. For example, a medical student might need to learn more about the functionality of an organ, and your video gives him/her a 360-degree view of that organ. This gives the learner a much clearer understanding with precise information pointing to where it should be. 360-degree videos are gaining popularity as they give the experience and learning of a lifetime. Also, such videos are transforming training sessions in organizations by giving more precise knowledge and understanding, which contributes to improved productivity.

3. Interactive Experience:
To keep your audience engaged, it is important to make them feel involved in the learning session. This can be done by including some assignments and activities related to the subject matter into the video. You can also add some gaming elements that can make learning a fun laden experience.

4. Artificial Intelligence Trend Prediction:
Artificial intelligence is continuously improving the way various domains carry out processes. The AI-based learning trend and learner behavior analysis helps in predicting the future trend of video-based learning. The AI studies the current audience behavior and predicts the growth tendency of video-based intelligent learning solutions. Many corporate trainers are effectively infusing AI into their sessions to give users a personalized learning experience.

5. Big Data Reporting: Big data refers to a very large amount of data that has been collected from various sources like surveys, polling, and assessments. Big data reporting gives valuable insight into the learner’s behavior and the impact of video-based learning on them. This is a crucial element to determine what your audience wants from you, thus guiding you through the areas that need improvisation.


Video-based e-learning is no longer simply an option; in fact, it is a necessity that gives better learning opportunities. The emerging technologies are reshaping the way e-learning can deliver quality content and improve audience engagement. If you are looking to make a popular e-learning portal, then you must consider using these latest trends to stay on top.


Top 5 Video-Based Learning Strategies In 2019
Umesh Goyal, Vice President
Published on
July 24, 2019

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