Serverless Architecture : How It Become Popular for App Development

Serverless Architecture
Serverless architecture has been one of the reliable approaches to enterprise mobile application development, where server deployment and maintenance are outsourced to third parties. Using serverless class architecture, developers need not maintain the underlying infrastructure required for the running, testing, and deployment of the application’s code. The infrastructure is provided by third-party vendors such as BaaS (back end as a service). Serverless architecture is gaining popularity because it is more robust, secure, and transparent. Most of the top mobile app development companies are already using a serverless architecture facility. To use this cloud-based infrastructure, companies and individuals need to install an API to access the services provided by the window. The most prominent companies providing serverless architecture include Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Auth0 Webtask, and Google Cloud. When Should You Choose Serverless Architecture? Choosing serverless architecture is beneficial in some of these cases:
  • When you don’t want to waste time provisioning, executing, debugging, and maintaining the infrastructure.
  • When setting up different environments for application development.
  • When you need to scale up automatically without complexities.
  • When you want to reduce development costs without compromising the quality of the product.
  • When developing flexible and lightweight applications that require frequent and immediate updates.
Benefits of Serverless Architecture Have a look at some of the benefits of serverless architecture to developers and organization management: 1. Manage Your Operations Hassle-Free Investing time in implementing and maintaining infrastructure has proved to be an obstacle for innovation in solution development. The technology for software development has grown much faster than for infrastructure. Serverless architecture provides a solution to develop and deploy the system without worrying about the infrastructure. Using this type of architecture, developers can focus on providing the best solution to the client. This way, the operations management team can easily manage development and operations without worrying about the infrastructure. 2. Empowering Innovations The team can deliver innovative solutions to client problems rather than wasting time resolving issues related to infrastructure. It helps decrease the operational time during enterprise mobile apps development and ensures smoother adoption of development methodologies. Product managers can spend their most of their time developing business logic and providing innovative solutions alongside solving client concerns. 3. Operational Costs Reduced Infrastructure and human resources are two major factors that decide the overall cost of any project. The infrastructure costs are reduced to a fraction of the original cost with the help of serverless architecture. As a development team can spend their time developing solutions, it helps increase the productivity of the project. Reducing cost in maintaining infrastructure will decrease the overall operational costs drastically. 4. Scale Up Quickly It is much easier to scale up applications with serverless architecture without worrying if the infrastructure will be able to handle it or not. As a result, developers can easily start using the new services just with a few keystrokes to get the essential environment set for scaling up. Conclusion Serverless architecture has changed the approach of application development. App developers can now deliver solutions at any scale, at reduced costs, and in record time without affecting quality. They can better focus on providing innovative solutions rather than worrying about implementing infrastructure solutions.


Serverless Architecture : How It Become Popular for App Development
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
August 28, 2020

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