Infographic: Predictions, Stats, and Growth of Cloud Computing in 2019

Clouds high up in the sky and can be seen from anywhere at any time to forecast weather updates, this technology marvel ‘Cloud Computing’ has empowered businesses to assess and forecast their business strategies. Over the years, Cloud Computing for Business has transformed almost every industry, and products, and facilitated in ease of doing business. Businesses are embracing innovative technologies like blockchain, server-less computing, AI/ML, IoT, digital assistants, and the on-demand mobile app economy. To help you understand how big cloud computing has grown, how it is impacting the industries worldwide, and what future holds, here’s an all-stats-only infographic to show you the real figures. Top 5 Cloud Predictions for 2019 by OracleCloud Computing Predictions for 2019 by Analytics InsightStats on Cloud Storage Services & Graph Showing the Revenue Growth of AWS

Disclaimer: All the stats, figures, and graphs belong to the respective website mentioned as source. We’ve tried to compile the data from different sources to provide information on the topic.


Infographic: Predictions, Stats, and Growth of Cloud Computing in 2019
Vikas Katoch, Vice President
Published on
March 10, 2019

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