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Develop Robust Web Applications. Leverage a robust, user-friendly full-stack JavaScript framework to power your websites and web apps. Utilize Mongo DB, Express, React JS, and Node.js to jumpstart Development and build scalable apps.

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  • 1000+ Developers
  • 23+ Years of Experience
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Develop Complex Websites and Online Apps for Myriad Industry Verticals and Specializations

With a motto “Your Team – Your Terms”– We allow you to hire MERN Stack developers of your preference by conducting interviews

Get a managed program supported by Solution Architects, Senior Technical Leads & Project Managers, all included at no additional cost to you.
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Build scalable web architectures, seamless mobile apps, or definitive custom software without having to worry about the scalability of your project or the flexibility with our engagement models. Combine top-of-the-line expertise & ease of operations with Netsmartz.

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Remote Ready, Elite Developers with strong technical and communication skills at unbeatable prices, ready to work in your timezone. Hiring the best MERN Stack developers is just a click away with Netsmartz!

  • Hire skilled and pre-vetted MERN Stack programmers
  • Risk-free onboarding, pay only if satisfied
  • Autonomous expert team: We just don’t offer a resource
  • Simplified communication: Better collaboration for better visibility
  • Timezone aligned service: Choose an offshore and nearshore engagement
  • Flexible full or flex time engagement models
Certified Developers


Expert, Certified Developers

Access a pre-vetted pool of elite developers, in over 100+ tech stacks

Flexible Engagement Model

Flexible Engagement Model

Budget-friendly, flexible engagement models (on-shore, remote and hybrid options)

Confidentiality Agreements

SLAs & Confidentiality Agreements

Client engagements with a US contract complete with IP protection and comprehensive insurance coverage


Collaboration and Communication

Remote ready teams with extensive experience in tools and project management

Delivery Expertise & Management

Delivery Expertise & Management

Timezone aligned, results-driven team that seamlessly integrates with your firm

Process-Driven Development

Process-Driven Development

Consistent collaboration for constant improvement and visibility

Hire MERN Stack Developer starting from $25/hour

We provide you a complete suite of services with our highly experienced team (5 – 7 years of experience) of developers, UI/UX designers, devOps engineers, business analysts, QA support and project managers.

Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Easy Exit Policy


Success Stories

Learn how organizations are redefining business norms with our cutting-edge
Cloud and IT infrastructure services

Fleet Management Company / Malaysia

Netsmartz Builds a Custom ERP Solution for a Leading Digital Road Freight Platform in South Asia

Mexican eCommerce Company / Austin, Texas

Netsmartz Crafts ERP System for eCommerce Firm in the US

Appify / California

Rolling out a Full-fledged Product with an Autonomous Dedicated Team for Appify



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have additional questions?

A MERN stack developer is an expert in Express, MongoDB, React, and Node programs. They are JavaScript experts who handle front-end operations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; they even manage backend operations with JavaScript and Node. JS.

Yes, MERN is a full-stack application with a 3-tier architectural pattern. It includes- the front-end display tier (React. js), application tier (Express. js and Node. js), and database tier (MongoDB).

Yes, the MERN stack is in demand. And, it is because of its Cost-effectiveness. MERN Stack developers are in demand as they use only one language, JavaScript. Investing in professionals with MERN experience is considerably more profitable for businesses.

MEAN stack is a superior choice for large-scale applications, as it creates lightweight JavaScript apps. Whereas MERN stack is the fastest at developing smaller applications.

We collaborate with clients via call and carefully consider their project requirements. Then, we start our research to get the best qualified and experienced developer to work on your project with a well-established IT setup. We just shortlist the best candidate that goes with your project, but the final call is yours by taking interviews, going through their portfolios, and communication skills.

If the expertise of a hired developer does not produce the desired result and you want to eliminate a few; or add more developers with a varied skill-set, we will assist you immediately in both cases.


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