The Future Of Hybrid Working Models, Remote Teams and Much More

Robert Broden May 18, 2022

Robert Broden

The software development industry has caught up and warmed up to remote working. But now that the world is opening up, businesses are deciding on a hybrid working model.

We decided to get in touch with Robert Broden, a seasoned software developer to get his insights on what he thinks of the same.

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About Robert Broden

More than 10 years of demonstrated experience providing front- and back-end development with a focus on UI/front-end development. Project management responsibilities included analyzing business requirements and ensuring goals & milestones were aligned with our partner client customers. Experienced in an Agile environment and certified as a Scaled Agile Framework for enterprise (SAFe) leader. Knowledgeable in the complete development life-cycle from design through prototype testing and documentation. Strengths include efficient solution design, communication, innovative approaches for problem resolution, analytical skills, and the ability to maintain a balanced perspective and consistently deliver against challenging objectives. A team player who is accomplishment-driven with excellent interpersonal skills.

Let’s quickly get to our expert’s point of view.

1. What trends do you see coming up in the industry – unseemly or exciting – that might change the industry for good?

There have been lots of changes in the industry. I am not certain that I have any particular insights that would make me a thought leader though. In particular, as we have moved to hybrid working models, there have been lots of changes to how we support remote team members, how we track productivity, etc. Some positions higher up seemed to be solely meeting face to face and therefore pushed for a return to office while that didn’t particularly match with the people executing the work. How certain managers might have to redefine their roles to be less meeting focused and pick up in other areas.

2. With the software industry right now, What change do you see sticking?

a. Perhaps a comment on remote work and distributed teams

b. Perhaps a comment on hiring shifts

c. Perhaps a comment on attrition and paradigm-changing aspects around it

I am in the software development industry. The hybrid working culture is a new change in our working style plus technology needs have increased in these few years. Everyone is more welcoming to introducing technology in their business to make their work digital and accessible.

Wrapping Up

Interviewing Robert Broden and having a conversation with him on the future of working models was an eye-opening experience. His thoughtful insights into industry trends gave us a sneak peek into what the future holds in terms of software development and working remotely. Hope you found this Q&A just as helpful and enthralling as we did.

x The Future Of Hybrid Working Models, Remote Teams and Much More

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