Impact of Blockchain Technologies on Scalability, Capability and Resiliency

John Erickson June 7, 2022

John Erickson

From the ‘Great Resignation’ to progressing blockchain technologies and blurring geographic boundaries in hiring methods, there’s a lot that’s going down in the industry.

To know what he thinks about these happenings and how they will impact the future of the IT industry, we sat down with John Erickson and got to know his insights.

Let’s see what he has to say!

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About John Erickson

John is an IT leader with an exemplary reputation for delivering innovative technology solutions that create positive business outcomes and operational effectiveness. He has broad IT experience across multiple industries and is a pro at mobilizing top-tier IT talent to create high performing cultures that consistently deliver against organizational goals.

Let’s quickly get to our expert’s point of view:

1. What trends do you see coming up in the industry – unseemly or exciting – that might change the industry for good?

Expansion of blockchain into areas other than crypto – e.g. telecommunication, retail, media, healthcare, etc. Improvements in blockchain technologies will improve the performance and scalability of the capability and, as such, the security/resiliency of the toolset.

Expansion of physical aspects such as IoT, Edge, health monitoring, etc. at the source of the data/activity rather than in the physical boundaries of the business. Think enhanced shop floor, autonomous vehicles, smart factories, etc. These improvements have AI, regulatory, performance, and other impacts.

2. With the software industry right now, What change do you see sticking?

Remote/hybrid work will stay. For most roles, geography will be less important than it was in the past. By that I mean that employers can look beyond a specific geographic area – say NYC metro or the SF Bay area as examples – for talent. I live in NJ and hired someone in the midwest a few years back. While I am no longer with that organization, he continues to be a star on the team

The current “Great Resignation” is an interesting one. One knock-on effect that is only emerging is the loss of knowledge by older workers – Baby Boomers and early Gen X’ers leaving the workforce. Companies will lose a lot of that experience and institutional knowledge, often gained by sufficient time in the saddle. Organizations need a balance between the older and younger workers to be able to figure out how to move forward.

3. As an IT Leader, what stacks or languages do you see having a larger impact on the industry and consideration by the dev community?

Hyperscalers or vertically focused cloud tools. Each of the big 3 cloud providers has them. These are tools that can help organizations manage processes in the cloud that every organization in a particular space, say healthcare, needs to do. Custom code doesn’t disappear. Rather, time is opened for innovation that can help the business win vs. just run. For healthcare, an explanation of benefits (EOB) is important and must meet certain regulations that vary by state. A cooler-looking EOB doesn’t differentiate you from your competitor. Analytics can help you understand more about your business so that you can make better decisions.

Wrapping Up

John’s refreshing take on how old and young talent in a company makes for a talented and innovative lot was just what companies and recruiters needed. We also couldn’t agree more with his point of how geographical boundaries are blurring when it comes to hiring great talent. We hope you found this Q&A insightful.

x Impact of Blockchain Technologies on Scalability, Capability and Resiliency

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