Impact of MNCs on Stacks & Languages, Models Of Working In The Post Covid-era

Ethan Shaw April 6, 2022

Ethan Shaw
There are numerous stacks and languages currently being used in the dev community who’s future seems to be uncertain. With new stacks and languages gaining momentum, it’s a question what stacks or languages might have an enormous impact on the industry. To get an expert’s view, we connected with Ethan Shaw, who has over 18 years of experience in business/systems analysis and project/program management.

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About Ethan Shaw

Ethan Shaw has over 18 years of experience in business/systems analysis and project/program management. His value added is building relationships and managing expectations between business, executives, third party vendors, and technologists to deliver solutions (security, software applications, infrastructure) internally within an organization or for external clients or partners. He’s currently working as an Information Technology Business Analyst for Cross Rivers and providing his expertise.

1. What upcoming trends do you see hovering in the industry – unseemly or exciting – that might transform the industry for a good reason?

I think you see more work from home and hybrid opportunities. Why? Because there is less travel; businesses and employees can work from home as most people did during COVID. It saves time & money for everyone and respects people’s decisions for health or other reasons. In this way, employees have more freedom to work when they are most productive.

2. With the software industry right now, What change do you see sticking?

I believe that the remote or hybrid work environment and distributed teams are here to stay. COVID has changed the way businesses work. According to Forbes, 26% of surveyed employees don’t plan to work onsite again; most still prefer Hybrid arrangements. The contract/gig economy is here to stay. It allows companies to determine whether an individual is a good fit for them and vice versa. Although gigs are not new, online marketplaces have made buying and selling contracts work much more accessible. With the changing digital environment, businesses adapt to stay competitive. And, as most companies adopt the new short-term or contract-based hiring process, they are not honest and genuine with their employees regarding their hiring plans, promotion, and the opportunities to transfer within an organization. This leads most businesses to face a high attrition rate.

3. As an IT Business analyst, what stacks or languages do you see having an enormous impact on the industry and consideration by the dev community?

All the technologies provided by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google will impact as they are currently being used and are ready to adopt in the future by the dev community. These tech stacks include Python, Java, MySQL, DynamoDB, C++, Android SDK, Angular JS, .NET, HTML5, TensorFlow, MVC technology, to name a few.

Wrapping Up

Ethan’s pleasant take on working remotely even after the pandemic and how it will benefit the mental state of the employees and continue to drive better business outputs, was refreshing. We hope you found this Q&A helpful and enthralling just as much as we did.
x Impact of MNCs on Stacks & Languages, Models Of Working In The Post Covid-era

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