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Lead Generation & Appointment Setting as a Service for B2B SaaS Companies

At Netsmartz, we have perfected the recipe of generating ICP-driven qualified meetings for SaaS businesses without burning a hole in your pocket. With our superior appointment setting services, we can rev up your sales engine by building a pipeline of new account discovery meetings with your ideal customer persona (ICP).

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Book a Free Consultation

Engage with our GTM strategist to review your existing processes, analyze performance, and design a result-oriented outbound strategy.


Outline Your ICP Checklist

Share your Ideal Customer Persona details to build a list of approved prospects with accurate customer tagging for laser-focused outreach messaging.


Build Your Dream Team

Set up a dedicated team with campaign managers, sales development representatives (SDRs), data analysts, and go-to-market experts to augment your sales processes.


Co-create SOP Document

Define best practices vis-à-vis competitor landscape, brand guidelines, customer pain points, value propositions, and follow-up strategies.


Plan Multichannel Outreach

Leverage our MarTech tools for automation and customized templates for emails, LinkedIn messaging, and more to create tailored B2B campaigns.


Start Fixing Appointments

Enjoy a steady stream of new, qualified appointments scheduled by our salespeople with your desired customer persona and target market.


Track Meeting Status

Get visibility into any upcoming meetings, send reminders to prospects ahead of time.


Pay After Completed Meeting

Only pay for the meetings you successfully complete without any cost attributed to no-shows and no retainers; billed monthly

Get the Tactical Finesse for Your Strategy

  • A/B testing
  • Mindful lead monitoring
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Persona testing
  • Campaign performance monitoring and iteration

What’s In It For You

ROI-driven pay-per-appointment model without retainers

3 months pilot as proof of concept for future strategy

Expert resources for outbound sales success

Zero investment in MarTech and data intelligence tools

Personalized and ICP-specific outreach campaigns

54% of senior salespeople cited that the process of outreach and scheduling meetings is one of the top non-revenue generating activities that steal their time.

Get this time back with our B2B appointment setting services.

Keep your sales pipeline flowing with
quality leads and pre-qualified meetings

Facing challenges in revitalizing your sales engine? Here’s how we can help!

  • Have budgetary constraints?
  • Don’t have in-house SDRs or BDRs?
  • Can’t generate as many appointments?
  • Not able to get in touch with the right people?
  • Struggling with no-shows?
  • Grappling with third-party integrations?

Ensuring Every Penny Counts

Our model is sustainable and budget-friendly since you only pay when appointments are completed with the people you want to meet.

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We support businesses across industries augment their sales with
our pay per appointment lead generation services.



Banking & Finance

Manufacturing & Commodities

Retail & eCommerce

Transport & Logistics


Food & Beverage

IT & Cybersecurity

Education & Learning

Real Estate


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Appointment setting is the art of orchestrating meetings between businesses and potential clients from their target list. It’s about sparking connections, understanding needs, and locking in that crucial face-to-face time. A B2B appointment setting agency can pave the way for impactful discussions that could shape future business endeavors.
Appointment setting is the crucial final step in lead generation. It pinpoints when prospects meet your sales rep. Outsourcing appointment setting lets your team focus on understanding leads and closing deals, boosting revenue and business growth. B2B appointment setting services for SaaS businesses can help augment their sales teams and lead to increased account discoveries and closed deals, driving SaaS growth and success.
Netsmartz streamlines B2B appointment setting by refining target lists, securing meetings with qualified prospects matching your defined personas, and ensuring you only pay upon completion of appointments, minimizing risk and maximizing results for your business.
Netsmartz stands out in lead generation and appointment setting services by delivering tailored B2B prospects and meetings aligned with your desired customer persona and target market. Our expertise in outbound outreach, supported by global sales operations’ and GTM experts, ensures targeted engagement, maximizing meeting effectiveness and empowering you to focus on deal closures with confidence.
Lead generation involves identifying and attracting potential customers through various marketing strategies. Appointment setting is the process of scheduling meetings between sales representatives and qualified leads. While lead generation focuses on generating interest, appointment setting facilitates direct interaction to move leads closer to a sale.
At Netsmartz, we only bill you for the meetings you have. There are no fixed costs, no retainers, and no billing for no shows. Our B2B appointment setting services operate on a pay per appointment model to ensure maximum ROI for SaaS businesses.

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