The Future of Digital Security Through VPNs, Firewalls And Much More

Jc MacDonald May 18, 2022

Jc MacDonald

As we navigate through remote working and shifting to digital platforms, digital security is a constant threat that is faced by everyone in virtual settings.

Shedding light on how VPNs and firewalls will take over the digital space and how IoT devices are getting better, we bring to you an insightful QnA from our expert Jc MacDonald.

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About Jc MacDonald

With over 32 years of IT experience, Jc MacDonald started his career in PC/FAX/photocopier break-fix, system analyst, system administrator, IT director and currently is an IT lead.

He’s windows/Linux/mac literate both deskside and serverside and experienced in working server environments where systems and processes need to work together as seamlessly as possible. For the last 20 years, he’s been involved in keeping server rooms running 24/7.

He takes documentation and organization seriously and has taken the reins of writing and organizing documentation for a long time.

Let’s quickly get to our expert’s point of view:

1. What trends do you see coming up in the industry – unseemly or exciting – that might change the industry for good?

I predict more national firewalls around the world. VPN usage will increase. IoT will become more present in the future and the security of IoT devices is still immature but it will get better.

2. With the software industry right now, What change do you see sticking?

a. Perhaps a comment on remote work and distributed teams
b. Perhaps a comment on hiring shifts
c. Perhaps a comment on attrition and paradigm-changing aspects around it

WFH is here to stay for devs if they want it. Sysadmins might be pushed toward cloud infrastructure or they might leave the profession or move to another area of IT. Sandboxing(apps) will become more commonplace on OS.

Wrapping Up

Interviewing Jc MacDonald and having a conversation with him on the future of IoT devices and remote work models was an eye-opening experience. His thoughtful insights into industry trends gave us a sneak peek into what the future holds in terms of cyber security and working remotely. Hope you found this Q&A just as helpful and enthralling as we did.

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x The Future of Digital Security Through VPNs, Firewalls And Much More

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