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Did You Know?

More than 60 percent of organizations outsource their product development projects. 

There are various reasons why a vast number of organizations prefer outsourcing to build in-house products. Based on their requirements, some organizations prefer to outsource complete product development projects, while some outsource parts of their product. 

From CTOs’ and CEOs’ perspectives, outsourcing can be beneficial as it is economical and manageable. Savings that can be done by outsourcing product development can extend up to 15-20% by reducing the salaries and operating expenses that come along with in-house teams.

But, from the buyer’s perspective, choosing between outsourcing and building in-house is challenging. To further simplify the tasks for you, we have curated this whitepaper to help you understand the following:

  • Why does outsourcing matters for founders and VCs?
  • What is product development outsourcing?
  • How much it costs to outsource product development?
  • How to set the right outsourcing strategy?

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