HRSmartz is a Human Resource Management portal. Designed for flexibility, HRSmartz is suitable for all organizations irrespective of their size. HRSmartz ideally provides features like Employee Self-Service, Leave Management, Resource Requisition, Expenses, Appraisals, Analytics and many more. HRSmartz is highly configurable and can be customized to reflect the unique work flow and processes of an organization.It increases efficiency of the organization and subsequently integrating and aligning the efforts of HR with the rest of the organization.


Human Resource

  • Configure and manage HRSmartz’s full-featured flexible solutions that are unique to your organization.
  • Manage holiday groups, determine leave management options and define employee configurations; all in one place.
  • Maintain roles and privileges for various employee groups within your organization.


  • Publishes a comprehensive series of analytics that represents a broad range of features graphically pertaining to key activities in the system and defines long term and short term goals to set the course for your organization.
  • User activity, attrition rate, employees by department and other essential reports come inbuilt with the system.
  • Generate customizable reports to view and/or export into excels and /or PDFs.

Background Checks

  • Comprehensive and complete background checks of your candidates using effective screening types.
  • Increase candidate and employee quality by gathering prior history and determine the accuracy of the provided details.
  • Associate agencies with your organization to perform background checks and track the status.

Service Request

  • A streamlined approach to manage and configure service request settings using which users can raise requests for services or report incidents.
  • Define the request categories and request types and assign executors and approvers at multiple levels for created category to handle requests and provide the best solutions.
  • Employees can raise requests and view the status of their requests.

Resource Requisition

  • A cluster of features designed to deliver full-cycle Resource Requisition process by creating resource requisitions and obtain requisition approval from multiple levels.
  • Monitor and maintain the requisition process starting from initializing a request to managing candidate Resume, scheduling interviews, shortlisting, and selecting a candidate.
  • Keep track of the interview rounds, along with feedback for each round, and shortlist candidates for a final interview. view comments by each interviewer for each round prior to scheduling the interview.

Interview Schedule

  • Schedule interviews based on the interviewer’s availability.
  • Receive interview schedule intimations on your customizable dashboard.
  • Schedule next level interviews for selected candidates.


  • Save time by viewing important information at a glance.
  • Avoid tiresome menu redirections.
  • Don’t miss out on announcement and birthdays in your organization.

Feed Forward

  • Configure questions to evaluate managers’ performance and optimize productivity.
  • Empower employees to assess the managers’overall performance and appraise them.
  • View managers’ overall rating and managers’ appraisals by question or employee.


Put an end to tiresome and time-consuming manual expense reporting and streamline your expense process using HRSmartz’s ‘Expenses’. HRSmartz simplifies the complex expense process giving you a quick, easy and transparent expense system. Employees can easily create and send their expenses for approval to their Employers. Expenses can be placed into various categories, for instance food, travel or entertainment of clients.Employers can reimburse the employee expenses.

  • Upload Receipts:

    Employees can effortlessly attach supporting documents/receipts or digitize receipts and store them in the application.

  • Payment Mode and Currencies:

    Various payment modes are available and they can be tracked. Expenditures made on an international trip can be converted to your organization’s local currency.

  • Trips:

    Add Trips for managing multiple expenses, clients and projects. A Trip comprises of the various costs, such as airfare, food and accommodation.This helps the managers to get an overview of the employee’s entire trip expense at one go.

  • Advance:

    HRSmartz allows the Employers to pre-allocate a certain amount of money, called Advance, to an employee. It can then be used for expenses incurred during trip(s) or for project(s) and client(s).


Keep track of your organization’s assets, including computers, laptops, and phones, and assign them to employees.It enables Employers to quickly access information related to all assets within the organization.Users can then set the asset details, which can include such items as invoice numbers, vendor details, warranty status, and images, then assign them to an employee.

Time Management

HRSmartz’s Time module consists of a simple and effective way to enter time, track employees’ activities, their time off, and then generate accurate time reports. Managers can easily configure the company’s projects, client information and task details. They can add employees to the projects with client details and assign tasks to them. They can view the timesheets of the employees reporting to them in a daily, weekly or monthly View format. Employees can fill in timesheets and send them for approval. Employee and project time reports can be generated based on the details entered.

Policy Documents

This feature enables you to access & store all your organization’s policy documents Employees will now have easy access to view essential documents, such as the employee handbook, leave policies, and benefit information, all in one place. Super Admin, Management and HR users can create different categories and place the documents accordingly. Documents can be uploaded one at a time or in a batch.

Employee Self Service

The Employee self-service module enables enables employees to access and maintain their personal information, to apply leaves, and view their holiday calendar. Managers, accessing this module, acquire complete information of their team members, their experience, and education details, along with the record of their absences.


The recruitments module is designed to deliver the full-cycle Resource Requisition process. Recruitments can be monitored and Maintained, starting from initializing a requisition to manage Resume, schedule interviews, shortlist and select a resource. Resume management enables the HR to upload multiple Resume or to add the previous experience details of the resource.

Background Checks

HRSmartz’s Background Checks module meets the diverse background screening requirements of the organization. Background agencies associated with the organization can have their own login and can provide their feedback about an employee/candidate.

Leave Management

Leave Management offers a full-featured, flexible solution to quickly implement a time off process.HR users can add time off requests, configure the holiday calendar, and view employee leave summaries based on the status, such as approved, cancelled, rejected or pending. Eligible employees can apply for leaves, view the status of leaves and check their holiday calendar. Managers can approve or reject leaves applied by the employees.

Disciplinary Management

This module will enable users to follow a streamlined approach for a disciplinary incident management process. Employers can raise disciplinary incident(s) against employees (defaulters) in the organization. The employees (defaulters) are given an opportunity to make an appeal by providing their statement. On the basis of the employee’s (defaulter) statement and misdemeanor evidence, he/she can be pronounced guilty/not guilty.


HRSmartz publishes a comprehensive series of reports that represents a broad range of HRSmartz features graphically.Customizable reports are possible by selecting appropriate fields. User activity, attrition rate, employees by department and other essential reports come built-in with HRSmartz.

Exit Management

HRSmartz’s Exit module will provide your organization a smooth and hassle free exit process. You can create a tailored exit process suitable for your organization. You can customize exit types, notice period, exit request approvers and exit interview questions. Employees can raise an exit request. All the mandatory and configured approvers will be able to provide their approval in an organized manner. Once the Exit Process has been completed, the employee will be enabled to provide his/her feedback through the Exit Interview Questions.

Manage Modules

HRSmartz has come up with a unique solution that will make managing modules easy and effortless. Although all the essential modules required for human resource management are integrated in the application, only the privileged users can activate and inactivate the modules based on the organization’s requirement.


HRSmartz maintains both activity and user logs which are an important source of truth for troubleshooting issues and supporting broader business objectives. Logs are automatically indexed, displaying the latest entered record.


HRSmartz allows the administrator to configure the settings that reflect unique workflow to establish and maintain consistency throughout the application. The employee and site configurations contain all the features that are essential for effective human resource management. Site Preferences, on the other hand, handles the default date-time, currency and password formats for the organization. However, only the privileged users of the application can configure the features, at any point of time, to meet the current and future needs of the organization.


To enable access to important features, shortcuts are available.

  1. It is easy to access modules. Save time by avoiding tiresome navigation through the menus.
  2. All regularly used features of modules can be available in one place.
  3. Configuration can be done any time and once configured remains forever


With Widgets:

  1. All the regularly used data grids across the menus can be made available at one place.
  2. Eligible users can perform add, edit and delete actions on the data records directly from the data grids displayed.
  3. Configuration can be done any time and once configured remains forever.

Organization Structure

Organization Structure determines the information flow between different managerial levels. It provides a clear representation of an organization’s business units and the departments associated with each business unit.

User Management

User Management enables easy creation and management of users. It gives the flexibility to configure the user privileges at any time.The default role groups that come with the application have the privileges already associated with them, thus, saving time while creating roles.

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