Netsmartz stand up a dozen resources to build a custom freight logistics ERP solution

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Netsmartz’s association with the client was focused on building a custom ERP solution. The client was looking for resources to extend and supplement their current workforce, bringing in a full-fledged, autonomous crew to quicken their ERP platform development.

About The Company

The client is a leading intelligent road freight platform based out of South Asia. The organization focuses on providing hassle-free booking for a range of ground transportation services. From domestic to cross-border shipments, the client includes freedom of marketplace choice and security as a digital freight forwarder.

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The Tech Stack





Team Composition

The engagement with the client involved helping them augment their existing team withi 12 .NET & Angular developers.

The Problem Statement

The client’s in-house team lacked senior developers, which was the greatest roadblock for the quick roll-out of the client’s ERP platform. To bridge the gap of lack of developers and reduce the platform’s time-to-market, the client approached Netsmartz looking to hire senior developers.

The client wanted to augment their existing team with resources well-equipped with required expertise to help them release the platform quicker.

The client’s primary focus while augmenting the team was to look for reliability in the performance and delivery of the ERP software for fleet management.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for the client was acquiring reliable & experienced software developers. They were looking for developers with extensive experience in quick and efficient product roll-outs.

Additionally, the software partner needed to hire pre-vetted, knowledgeable developers who could accurately and efficiently help in the early product roll-out.

Another challenge the client faced was hiring a team that could work in their time zone and carefully manage the feature architecture for the ERP platform.

This is where Netsmartz helped the client with their entire hiring process.

The Solution

Netsmartz initiated the engagement with the client by providing them with senior developers proficient in both .NET and Angular for backend and front-end product development.

After the rigorous vetting process, Netsmartz allocated 12 senior developers who helped them in the development of the ERP platform, which ultimately resulted in a fast platform roll-out.

Netsmartz helped them hire a customer success manager who overlooked the customer engagement and customer experience part of the ERP platform.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed the following process to fulfill the requirements of the client:

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Resource Mapping and Identification

The client shared the Job Description that clearly depicted the resource requirements to work on the project. The main client requirement was hiring developers experienced in .NET and Angular, and we helped them identify skilled resources to work on the project.


Team Engagement

The developers started working by understanding the client’s requirements and tech stack.

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Client Interviews

After the requirement and resource selection, the developers were introduced to the client for further vetting and interviews. The client had three discussions that helped both parties understand each other’s requirements, processes, and methodologies.


Scaling the Team Size

The client’s project manager was overlooking the team. The entire process was kept transparent by deploying the JIRA project management tool.

The Result

The primary achievements of this project were:

  • Netsmartz powered the client with its experienced talent pool of .NET & Angular developers.
  • With the help of 12 senior developers working in their timezone, the result for the client is a better platform roll-out.
  • The client provides better customer engagement through our talented customer success manager, which helped both parties gain a successful and long-term association.


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