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DevOps combines many software development phases into a collaborative cycle to promote quicker software development. Traditionally, the software development life cycle was a long process done phase by phase, where issues were found at the IT testing stage. This resulted in inefficiencies, giving developers and designers less time to fix problems and allowing for a greater chance of human error. 

But what is DevOps exactly, and how does the DevOps life cycle improve the software development cycle? This whitepaper will cover the DevOps definition, benefits, and more. 

So, we’ve drawn on the expertise of sector experts to describe DevOps. So Download the whitepaper to get a gist of:

  • Why does outsourcing matters for founders and VCs?
  • What is DevOps 
  • History of DevOps
  • DevOps lifecycle
  • Benefits of DevOps 
  • Challenges of implementing DevOps
  • How to Overcome Challenges in DevOps Implementation?
  • How to Measure the Success of a DevOps Implementation?
  • Reality Check for the DevOps Movement 
  • Wrapping up