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The client came to Netsmartz with a concept wherein we helped them build a complete solution from scratch to enable them to go to market.

About the Company

The client’s company is a Rochester-based firm working on integrating photo printing solutions and advertising on a single platform. The organization had a 2-prong service notion wherein they worked with end customers to provide printing solutions and worked with advertisers to market their services on the printing platform.

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The Tech Stack

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Team Composition

The engagement involved 1 backend developer and 2 Mobile application developers, working on iOS and Android, respectively. 1 project manager or business analyst, 1 graphics designer, & 1 QA resource was also allocated.

The Problem Statement

The client came to Netsmartz with a unique concept. The client wanted to rehash the printing/photo industry – by encouraging other firms to advertise on their platform while keeping their platform free of cost for the end customers.

Using this model, the client wanted to market and sell the photo printing service at a much lower cost while enhancing overall positioning.

The client was non-technical and did not have a dedicated software team to work on the product. Since they were starting, they needed a top-to-bottom solution,i.e., from product architecture and UX to programming, QA, and mobile app development.

The Challenge

Since the engagement was to begin from scratch, Netsmartz had to envision, map, and build the premise and product. That meant defining the user flows, UX, software architecture, and even the technology stack to utilize for the project.

Across the development engagement, Netsmartz had to educate and inform the customer on how to translate vision & expectations onto features and other technical facets.

This meant consistent collaboration, walkthroughs, daily standups, and whiteboarding/storyboarding sessions with the clients.

Netsmartz was responsible for charting, building, assessing, and explaining the product.

The Solution

The engagement started with the business analyst, project manager, and graphic designer – were worked on storyboarding to articulate the vision and expectations of the client. This sessions were instrumentral in building the project’s premise and helping the client visualize the final product.

Netsmartz then brought in 3 developers to recognize tech stacks and implement the solution architecture.

The project manager ensured that the client was looped in on the progress to create an iterative/feedback-oriented development process.

That meant constant updations and walkthroughs to bring the client’s business/strategic insights into the product they wanted to be shaped.

Since the cost was a factor in the engagement (the client was bootstrapped with a steep time-to-market req), Netsmartz devised a low-cost hosting framework that ensured performance, scalability, and at the same time, low investment on the client’s end.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed the following process to fulfill the requirements of the client:

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Mapping the Project

The preliminary task was building a storyboard and architecture for the project. For this, Netsmartz allocated a PM/BA and a senior graphic designer to help encapsulate the breadth of the project in a visual, documented manner.

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Collaborative Development

After the client showcased their requirements and expectations, an interviewing process was followed to hire eCommerce experts for the projects. After vetting and interviews, the PM worked with the developers on the project.

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Agile Development

Since the project’s inception was from scratch, the engagement had to be agile while incorporating feedback loops, iterations, and feature additions.

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Scaling the Project

After the initial phases of development, a senior QA resource was allocated to ensure bug-free functionality. This also allowed the developers to scale features and expedite the mobile application development.

The Result

The primary achievements of this project were:

As a result, the client could enter the market and build a customer base. With the solution Netsmartz created, the client could onboard advertisers and generated a steady revenue stream while ensuring seamless functionality and an enhanced aesthetic pitch to all the stakeholders.

With the solution and the reduced go-to-market, the client could attract investors, further propelling the platform’s growth in the industry.

Enabling quicker allocation of resources also allowed the client to reduce their IT costs and extend their startup runway.


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