Netsmartz – Dynamics 365 Portal

A Dynamics 365 portal provides your audience an online location to communicate and collaborate. Depending on the audience that the portal is geared toward, such as for customers, business partners or internal team members, a Dynamics 365 portal can allow people to get support for issues, search knowledge guides and how-to guides, collaborate with communities, suggest new ideas, and learn more about your products and services.

Customer Engagement

Engaged customers turn into repeat customers, and repeat customers turn into advocates who spread the good word to potential new customers. A Community portal could help with that effort by encouraging your customers and prospects to discuss your products or share helpful tips in your own moderated forum.

Make it a point to field questions and engage your customers online to keep the dialog going. Encourage product questions on your forum and answer them publicly as an outreach to your install base. Monitor for product feedback that you can then leverage in new product offerings.

You can also use the Community portal to draft and host blog articles. You may already host a blog or have someone host it for you. If you don’t or you are considering centralizing that content, you can use the Dynamics 365 portal as a blog platform to share news or answer common product questions.

Customer Self-Help

You have customers… customers need support. If you’re using or planning to use CRM for case management, a fantastic extension to that is the Customer Service portal. Giving your customers the ability to log into their own account to submit and monitor their support cases can add some relief to your front lines of customer support. You’ll get fewer emails and calls from folks just looking for updates and you can capture better targeted data regarding a case.

Having a customer submit a case online and be able to see which exact products, down to the SKU, that this person has purchased in the past is a great feature.

One more killer feature of this portal is the ability to show a customer suggested knowledge base articles based on keywords they have entered before they even submit their case. What’s a good way to keep support cases down? Answering questions before they’ve even been submitted is a good start.

Partner Engagement

If you’re engaging a business partner, such as a distributor, reseller, or supplier, to help you move your product, you can use the Partner Portal to start capturing sales channel data, just as you would from your own captive sales staff.

Let your external partners create, manage, and collaborate on their own opportunities alongside your in-house staff. Start gathering real-time metrics from your partner channels and give your own partner agents better access to the data you want them to have.

The Partner Portal is all about simultaneously empowering your partners to make better and faster decisions while removing artificial barriers to their success. In addition, you enable yourself to collect richer data that can help in future strategic planning.

Employee Engagement

Similar to your intranet, the Employee Portal can give your internal staff a place to curate and share internal knowledge. You can also give specialized groups very targeted access to CRM features without giving them the entire front-end. This can be helpful for staff that needs to interact with CRM data only in rare cases. Much like the Customer Service Portal, the Employee Portal can be used to submit and resolve internal trouble tickets.

Custom Portal Framework

The custom portal framework is completely extensible and customizable. It gives you a fantastic jump-start by minimizing the up-front overhead costs associated with infrastructure and platform development, and lets you get right to the point – “what do we need this thing to do?”.

Need to manage franchises? Create a Franchise Portal. Need to manage independent agents? Create an Agent Portal. How about portfolios, investments, service technicians, professional relationships, certificate requests, or just standing up your own storefront? These are all excellent extensions bridge communication and offers collaborative functionality to those who otherwise would not have it.

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