A software firm leveraged Netsmartz’s Staff Augmentation to add Resources to scale Operational Capabilities

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Netsmartz started its engagement with the client to augment its existing development capabilities. The engagement was focused on increasing the workforce to scale their operations and manage workload and production.

About the Company

It is a Denver-based IT company that provides products and services using multiple technology stacks to tackle mobility and Automation challenges using technologies like Microsoft.NET and Java. As an organization, they primarily develop Enterprise solutions.

About SuperUI

The Tech Stack





Microsoft .NET








Team Composition

The initial engagement was just with 1 web developer. Later, the team was 10 members, including functional and technical consultants in web technologies, mobile, and automation.

The Problem Statement

The client was growing at an unanticipated pace. This resulted in a crunch of experienced resources who could take on additional projects and keep the operations running fluidly. For this purpose, the client required a software development partner that could build them a dedicated team of prevetted, experienced resources – ones who had ample experience in enterprise software development – to take on additional workload.

The client was able to leverage white-labeled resources for their needs and functional requirements.

The Challenge

The resource requirement was a precarious situation. The client could not hire freelancers or deploy a sweatshop – considering the white-label requirements and the multitudes of compliance issues that creep up with unreliable partners.

Herein Netsmartz came into the picture. Netsmartz was required to allocate experienced developers with an attache for PMs and Business analysts to take accord of the client’s projects. This was not a regular engagement since the task, skill, and experience level required was vast – and on relatively short notice.

This is where Netsmartz’s experienced talent pool pitched in and powered the growth of the client’s operations.

Additional challenges included:

  • They needed a multi-technology stack of resources for varied projects.
  • White-labeled resources were to work in a controlled environment to ensure security compliance. It meant infrastructure and a campus/office-like setup.

The Solution

Netsmartz engaged with the client to augment their in–house staff. It was a white-labeled engagement, i.e., Netsmartz resources worked under the client’s organization, under their tenets and protocols.

The initial engagement was ramped up to a roster of 10 developers – across different tech stacks – taking up various projects.

  • Netsmartz used the BYT model to create a dedicated multi-technology team for the client.
  • A VPN (Virtual Private Network) was set up for developers to access the client’s environment.
  • Netsmartz provided a SPOC who worked within the client’s time zone and assured regular progress.

Our Process

The end-to-end engagement with the client’s project was in phases.

Team Engagement

The beginning of project was kickstarted with a requirement assessment, allocation plan, and candidate interviews. After thoroughly mapping the client requirements, we sorted the candidates for their teams.

Mapping & Vetting Developers

After the client expressed the need to scale slowly, a proper vetting and interviewing process was followed for a web developer for the client. After vetting and interviews, the web developer worked on the client’s projects. After specific progress and proof of work/methodology, Netsmartz scaled the team to 10 based on the client’s requirements.

Matching the Client’s Processes

The client wanted developers to work under their organizational tenets. And thus, the developers were to follow set processes and methodologies. The engagement included a PM to manage sprints and ensure good collaboration across projects and resources.

The Result

As a result of Netsmartz’s services, the client can augment their in-house staff – significantly supplementing their efforts – and, eventually successfully deliver the necessary projects.

The Agile processes and a seemingly simple on-demand model allowed the client to add developer resources to their teams without worrying about the infrastructure, the tech-stack expertise, or the reliability of the resources. It further enabled them to expand their operations, take on additional projects, and increase their profitability.


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