Netsmartz built a Practice-Management Solution for a Healthcare Services Provider in the USA

Practice-managment solutions

Springfield, USALocation

5Team Size

Healthcare Industry

Netsmartz worked with HelloPatients as a Software solutions provider for five months. As their primary resource for engineering and QC services, we took over the development of their practice management solution with a team of 5 BYT members.

About The Company

The client is an enhanced practice management platform focused on successful patient engagement and delivering improved financial results.

Primarily focused on managing patient care for healthcare providers, HelloPatients enables better data management, self-service patient capabilities, and patient engagement.

Furthermore, the client also provides:

  • Insurance discovery & claims management
  • Healthcare subscription and customized payments
  • Patient management – Pre-visit, Pre-care, and Post-care

HelloPatients, as a brand, is well-recognized for its services in the Massachusetts region.

From that starting point, the client partnered with Netsmartz to rebuild their patient management solutions while introducing new features and functionality to their service ecosystem.

About Hellopatient

The Tech Stack







Team Composition

The team consisted of 2 frontend engineers, two backend engineers, and 1 QC that took care of testing use cases & software efficiency.

The Problem Statement

Essentially Hellopatients needed a team to take over their development quality control processes, engineer a scalable and seamless solution, and improve user experience. HelloPatients required resources to maintain their existing Angular solution and redo it in ReactJS. This was essentially a map, build, and scale project in the beginning.

Now, since the client is in the healthcare industry, the integration and processes followed were supposed to comply with a bevy of standards and regulations – like HIPAA, PCI, etc.

This was a critical notion and requirement- for their software partner to be well-versed in the necessary regulations and data management in a compliant, non-intrusive manner.

The Challenge

The client needed help from an experienced software partner that could tackle development in the healthcare industry in the USA.

The client was looking for a software development partner that could:

  • Manage their incumbent Angular framework and slowly phase the front end of the portal to React.
  • Scale their software quickly by offering technical and domain (healthcare) expertise.
  • Scale and churn team size on demand based on their requirements, customer base and future growth plans.
  • Provide dedicated QC resources versed in gritting out minor bugs (since healthcare regulations are harsh with the technical requirements).

Additionally, HelloPatients wanted a coupled QC and Development team to streamline their project – while keeping their in-house development in tow of the progress and planning.

The challenge in this engagement was to build a very fluid resource deployment solution with ease of resource flexibility (in hiring and in skillset) since HelloPatients was a young startup with dynamic requirements.

The Solution

Netsmartz engaged with the client starting with 1 AngularJS developer to understand, dissect, and map their current frontend framework and 1 Nodejs developer to assess the backend APIs.

The first Angular resource deployment was done to review and support their existing portal – the process lasted three months.

Meanwhile, a QC was introduced to assess the production quality of the existing solution, build test cases, and retest older functionality in React.

Once this dedicated team was able to get a thorough understanding of what was and what was expected, Netsmartz rolled out processes and a solution infrastructure helmed by a Project manager to kickstart the development of the project.

At this point, additional team members were introduced, and active development toward the MVP was commenced.

Our Process

Building Healthcare software meant that Netsmartz had to be extremely precise with the client’s requirements and expectations while being mindful of industry compliances.

Additionally, due to the dynamism that HelloPatients had in its software operations, Netsmartz brought its expertise in flexible engagement and its resource/skill pool to effectively manage development for the client in a highly cost-effective manner.

Starting, Netsmartz followed the following process to serve the requirements of HelloPatients:

Team Engagement

We broke the client’s requirements while mapping their existing software framework. This was essential in recommending the skillset and experience level of resources. After thoroughly mapping of the client requirements, we sorted the candidates for their teams.

Mapping & Vetting Developers

A proper vetting and interviewing process was followed to shortlist candidates for the client. After vetting and interviews, the selected candidates are chosen as dedicated resources for the client.

Solutions Architecture

The client was concerned about the Tech Stack, APIs, and Database and wanted a clear architecture to ensure optimization and growth with no issues. Netsmartz deployed a Solutions Architect to consult for the project and share insights on the best tech stack to use to build scalable software.

Flexible Engagement

Ease of engagement and Netsmartz’s BYT model allowed HelloPatients to scale their requirements, hire on-demand, and switch skills as and when needed.

The Result

Getting the MVP out quickly was the primary motivation and consideration for the project’s success.

With Netsmartz, HelloPatients built a dedicated staff of developers and QC resources that could increase the code velocity while building the MVP and scaling the solution to full-scale software.

The resources allocated to the client were all experienced and well-versed in the Healthcare industry. Thus, the interaction and collaboration between Netsmartz’s dedicated team and Hellopatients in-house were smooth and seamless.

The client was bootstrapped. Hence, the time-t0-market reduced by Netsmartz added benefit to their launch and further operational growth.

With Netsmartz, HelloPatients tackled the obsolescence of Angular 8 while scaling their patient empowerment software.


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