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Autonomous Dedicated Team

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The client’s organization was founded just three years ago and had its own in-house development team. The bootstrapped organization needed resources to augment and enhance their existing team – getting a full-fledged, autonomous team – to come in, fastrack their product development, and manage their software operations.

About The Company

The client focuses on providing rapid application development services through a No-code platform. Geared primarily towards Enterprises, the client based in SF, California is a funded startup, having already raised a Series A funding of USD 11.5 Million as of October 2022.

About Appify

The Tech Stack









Team Composition

The engagement was led by a Technical Project Manager, a Business Analyst, 6 Developers, and 2 Automation QA Experts.

The Problem Statement

The client had a 35+ member development team, who were working on feature development, maintenance, and new client onboardings. As a result, the churn rate for the feature rollout was low.

The client came to Netsmartz, still ambiguous on whether to outsource or hire an in-house team. The primary concern for outsourcing was security, and ramp-up time for the outsourced developers to understand their product.

The client already had well-defined user stories and frameworks, but for new developers, it required in-depth knowledge of the existing product to understand these user stories.

On that note, the client expected the new feature rollout and reliability in performance and deliverables to be the main KPI for the outsourced team of developers.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for the client was onboarding a reliable software partner. One who could scale a team on-demand and train new members quickly on the product and the required development.

Additionally, it was pertinent for the software partner to have pre-vetted, experienced developers who could emulate & reflect the user stories in their product deliverables.

One additional factor was that of the team management.

The client detested hand-holding and wanted an autonomous team to take care of the end-to-end development. This included addressing and managing feature architecture (case in point, the requirement of a technical project manager), and managing and creating new technical documentation (case in point, the allocation of a business analyst).

The Solution

Netsmartz kickstarted the engagement with Appify by deploying a Technical Project manager & a Business analyst both of whom instantiated the process of building feature architecture based on the client’s user stories.

The manager identified senior resources who could start reviewing the existing code and understand the path of development and the requisites around the project.

Post this, Netsmartz allocated 6 developers, accompanied by 2 QA resources to act as an autonomous unit for the project.
After the feature architecture was crafted, Netsmartz provided the timeline for when the features would be ready for end-to-end development.

The only participation Netsmartz required of the client was to provide a DevOps resource to deploy the product in their production environment. This was only done to maintain a secure deployment process and assure the security of their overall product offering.

Our Process

The client needed an autonomous team to augment their existing capabilities. Thus the onboarding and the requirement were pretty streamlined – right from the very beginning. Here is the methodology followed by Netsmartz.

Resource Allocation

Deployment of a Technical product manager and a business analyst to establish the foundation for the project. All the while the Senior resources established the frameworks & milestones for the deliverables, Netsmartz selected and deployed resources for the Development work. This process was kickstarted by the project manager at Netsmartz – and the prevetting and allocation was handled by Netsmartz senior resources.

Management of Resources

Since the team’s work was supposed to be autonomous, the entire ‘resource unit’ allocated managed the processes for the client. The entire scope of the project being based on predefined user stories gave Netsmartz an impetus to drive the Software development. The project manager managed the project direction, ensuring that the deliverable requirement was met, the feature architecture was adhered to and the feasibility of the team and the deployed resources was well-defined. Additionally, the project manager worked to hold regular SCRUM meetings and manage the deliverables.

The Result

Since the client wanted an autonomous team to function on its own, Netsmartz resources played a pivotal role.

From taking ownership of the product to managing new feature rollout, and assuring complete security of the entire product itself.

With our dedicated resources, Appify was able to deploy a full-fledged product for their field operations – which helped them provide market-relevant functionality, save money, and drive utility through their application.

Additionally, Netsmartz enabled Appify to build a team on-demand – thus offering much-needed flexibility in the outsourced engagement.

From selecting candidates to managing feature architecture, and from development & QA to crafting technical documentation – Netsmartz took accord with all the requisites and drove the entire engagement from the beginning to the deployment.


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