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The Company

Virtual Manager LLC is a lifestyle management and technology firm based out of Maryland.

They provide varied services for residents living in community associations throughout the Washington, DC Metro Area.


Project Highlights

challenges facing

The Challenge

Over five years ago, Virtual Manager LLC was looking for a cutting-edge application that would be scalable and unique, have ample functionality

Solutions provided

The Solution

Virtual Manager considered Netsmartz after extensive rounds of research and discussion with Netsmartz’s fluid engagement models and definitive methodology


The Result

The app Netsmartz created for Virtual Manager LLC successfully positioned the company ahead in the market.

The Goal

The goal was precise: The app development was to bring a competitive edge to the brand:

  • Deliver an app rich with features – which brings a seamless UX to the client’s customers
  • Bring a clear requirement mapping process that helps with iterations and development
  • Created a scalable solution for the client to leverage for future growth plans
  • Offer attractive price points and better IT costs to the client


Key Achievements

  • Deliverables and timeframe exceeded expectations in terms of app functionality
  • Easy integration with project managers vis-a-vis the development process
  • The app brought ample growth to the client through the app’s utility, features and seamless UX
  • Successfully positioned the company (as targeted) ahead in market

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