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Netsmartz facilitated streamlined third-party integrations and provided strategic insights to enhance the client’s product development in the IT industry. Our seamless solutions and improved efficiency contributed to their business growth and success.

About The Company

Watermelon is a platform designed to dig deep and reach the flaming red core of IT systems that look deceptively green on the outside. Our aim is to have humans tell us what they want to achieve, sit back, and let our droids do the rest. When the results of the droids’ hard work combine with insights that are auto-magically put together in watermelon, we have the potential to change the anatomy of a system without disrupting its true north.

Watermelon is a software solution to automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on more important work. Anyone can use our no-code platform – from small businesses to enterprises. Implement chatbots on your customers’ favorite channels and start working more efficiently today.

About Evertrue

The Tech Stack















Team Composition

The team consists of Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Quality Analysts, Designers, UI Developers, Full Stack Developers and Java Developers.

The Problem Statement

The significant issues clients faced were third-party integrations that required profound research and the necessity to establish a robust security system.

This also requires the system to grant permissions and access at various levels. Proper team management was also needed to understand the cause of delayed response time and better utilization.

The Challenge

The client’s main challenge was third-party integrations that needed deep research and constant follow-up with multiple platforms. These platforms were:

  • JHipster– JHipster is a development platform to quickly generate, develop, and deploy modern web applications and microservice architectures.
  • Angular– Angular is a platform and framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript. It implements core and optional functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries that you import into your applications.

The Solution

Leveraging a team of skilled professionals and a well-planned approach, Netsmartz successfully addressed various obstacles and provided a comprehensive suite of solutions.

Netsmartz utilized a team of skilled professionals and a range of open-source tools for test automation (Selenium, Appium, Selenoid, Selendroid, Rest Assured, Karate DSL, Playwright, Robot Framework, Citrus, Cypress, TestCafe), performance testing (JMeter, Locust), security scanning (ZAP Proxy, Jaeger, Zipkin), identity management (Keycloak, Casbin), API gateway management (Kong Gateway, Apache Apisix, Krakend), data integration (Airbyte, Apache NiFi), service virtualization (Hoverfly, Mountebank), and test data management (Database Subset, Condenser, Jailer, SymmetricDS, Rdbms-subsetter, Fogger, Synthetic Data Vault, Java Faker).

Our Process

Netsmartz helped the client by segmenting the software development into different steps:

Brainstorming and Team Requirement Mapping

1.Proper Brainstorming and requirement mapping was done with the client’s team as per the features. After planning, a proper roadmap was designed for the project.

Skill Identification & Team Integrations

Team worked on documenting the user stories and UI preparation with the client. Proper skill identification was made, and a team well-versed in Node, Android, and iOS development was deployed for seamless 3rd party integrations.

Project Planning & Launch Plan

Project planning and launch plan was built with different phases, providing chore management and a rewarding system with a third-party platform while manually maintaining the transaction records within the app. This helps customer acquisition and further integration with Galileo and Moodle, dealing with actual money through platforms and physical cards with paid subscriptions.

Team Deployment & Sprint Planning

Team deployment to work on the application. The team consisted of developers, QA, and project managers to deliver the best application development. Sprint planning and execution were monitored through JIRA.

The Result

Netsmartz’s association with the client resulted in the following.

  • The client has a better view of product development and phase development.
  • The transparent vision of the current and future product development helped the client plan a better marketing strategy.
  • Better finance management for the client and seamless third-party integrations.


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