Driving Growth with Effective Lead Generation for a SaaS Startup in the Manufacturing Industry

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About The Company

Our customer is a funded start-up based in California. Leader in cloud powered FactoryOps, empowering all the world’s factories to digitize their operations and reach sustainable peak performance. Their plug-and-play platform clips onto any machine on the factory floor, delivering real-time visibility that reduces lost production and improves performance.

About Evertrue

Ideal Customer Persona

Industry – Manufacturing

Decision Makers & Influencers – CEO, COO, Vice President of Operations, Director of Manufacturing, Director of Operations

Geography – North America, Mexico

Team Composition

1 Campaign Manager, 2 SDRs, and 1 Data Analyst

The Challenge

  • Multiple competitors who may have already pitched and sold their halfhearted legacy solutions to the ICP.
  • A small internal sales team with limited budgets and big targets being a growing startup at the time of a funding winter.
  • Pressure of data mining, outbound prospecting and closing on internal sales team.
  • Cold Calling works best in this industry. Automated email blast is of no use, LinkedIn would have limited lead generation capacity.
  • Qualification criteria was that they shouldn’t be having a competitor product at the time of an exploratory meeting.

The Solution

  • Established and managed a turnkey inside sales team consisting of 1 Campaign Manager, 2 SDRs, and 1 Data Analyst to augment customer’s existing sales operations.
  • Developed a strategic SOP document with understanding on types of ideal companies and their NAICS codes, competitor landscape, customer pain points, product USP, custom scripts, rebuttals, and follow-up strategies to engage with key executives and schedule first meetings.
  • All hands sync to discuss and iron out campaign issues, questions, review progress, iterate strategies based on A/B testing.
  • Dataset approval twice a week before outreach to ensure ICP is a match 100% every time outbound was made, to avoid reaching out to DNC prospects and existing customers.

The Result

Netsmartz started with the campaign in early Q3 of 2023, and in 3 months it had scheduled 54 meetings with executive decision-makers and operational influencers. This resulted in 32 exploratory meetings/demos, 14 qualified opportunities and 3 active deals.


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