Netsmartz builds AI-based solution for Video Commerce, Discovery & Insights Platform

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Netsmartz’s engagement with the client was to create an AI-based solution for their Video commerce platform.

About The Company

The client was founded in Silicon Valley through U.C. Berkeley’s Skydeck Incubator program.

With a background in e-commerce and Artificial Intelligence, the in-house team saw a need to help brand marketers make sense of the massive amount of video data that shoppers were consuming (and creating) on social, mobile, and desktop.

Thus they required assistance, and resources to build a cutting-edge AI-driven technology that could watch and listen to millions of videos so brands could see quantitative and qualitative video insights at their fingertips.

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The Tech Stack

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Team Composition

The engagement started with a ReactJS developer working closely with a Dedicated SPoC for the client’s project.

The Problem Statement

The client was a bootstrapped organization working on an AI-based solution associated with the Video commerce market.

The solution mapped the attributes of videos across different platforms and relayed the details, branded information, and source video metadata to understand what was being talked about.

For this purpose, the client needed a plugin for the Shopify eCommerce platform – which in turn brought in the need for a Dedicated ReactJS resource.

The client was already using remote resources, but all the resources were based out of the US. One of the resources in the front-end dept was leaving, thus propping up an immediate requirement of a front-end developer.

The Challenge

The details of the solution were precise. However, it was the client’s first instance of working with an offshore development partner. This challenge was managed with a thorough breakdown of methodologies, practices, and talent quality checks. Additionally, the client was able to leverage a reduced-cost trial period to vet and assess the services.

Additionally, since their previous dedicated developer had left, the client wanted a developer who could pick up, learn and program from the get-go. There were a lot of learning iterations and subject matter research that was needed – which stemmed the need for an experienced resource with high technical proficiency.

The Solution

The SPoC deployed from Netsmartz’s end had an instrumental job to play in this engagement. Apart from working closely together with the developer, the SPoC had to create a map of the right questions – to discuss with the client in a short frame of time.

This was needed to remove the back-and-forth between the developer and the client.

The engagement thus focused on:

  • Understanding, documenting, and mapping the existing codebase.
  • Make sure to complete pending functional requirements and features.
  • Manage bugs, and use case refinement.

Furthermore, the codebase understanding had to be built from scratch – making it an essential process for the developer to program ahead.

Additionally, Netsmartz’s Magento capabilities (with Envisoin) were to be brought in after essential functional updates – thus porting the development from one vertical expertise to another.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed the following process to fulfill the requirements of the client:

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Mapping & Identifying Appropriate Resources

The preliminary task was to identify a skilled, self-starting developer to work on the project. Since the expertise required handling a pre-existing codebase, the developer had to be senior in skill and experience. Additionally, a SPoC was required to maintain a smooth learning pattern and relay milestones – while assisting the developer in maintaining a technical understanding of the project.

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Commencing Development

After the developer allocation, the code assessment and documentation started. The developer then set up milestones, and targets, and worked on the expectations set by the client.

The Result

Netsmartz was able to take ownership of the entire codebase.

The client provided the subject matter expertise, but the technical end of things was managed by the Dedicated ReactJS developer. The SPoC acted as Project Owner – facilitating subject learning, and managing pending feature development, while the developer focused on Plugin creation & launch.

Netsmartz was able to launch the plugin in a short frame of time – enabling them to raise an investment round and plan for operations expansion.


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