Producing an Improved UX with a Dedicated Front-end Developer for a Transportation SaaS Firm

Dedicated Front-end developer

Ontario, CanadaLocation

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Transportation & LogisticsIndustry

The company was established as a Transportation management solution. As an organization, Shyftbase had brought seamlessness in their operations with a super-efficient team.

About The Company

The client started operations in Ontario, Canada ,to service the Transportation & Logistics industry.

Geared at providing a one-stop solution for parceling, dispatching, tracking, shipping, billing, routing, and automation for Logistics operations, the client wanted to position itself as an Enterprise Supply chain management expert – complete with the Software functionality/product on offer.

Post the engagement; the client sold its Transport management solution to a larger Software firm.

About Shyftbase

The Tech Stack







Google Big query

Google Big Query


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Team Composition

The engagement was precise & brief since the client required only a singular resource for their front-end requirements. Herein Netsmartz brought in a Senior Full-stack Developer to work on their solution’s UX/UI.

The Problem Statement

The client had a transport management tool – one that it positioned to sell their solutions in –

  • Warehouse Management
  • Shipping, Tracking, & Routing
  • Billing & Automation

To that note, they needed a resource who had adequate experience in building seamless, unique, and aesthetically pleasing webapps particularly the front-end – since they had already roped in in-house full-stack developers to take care of the backend requirements.

Ideally, they wanted a software partner experienced with JSPRIT, geocoding, Google OR-tools, and/or other geo solutions. They wanted the dedicated resource to be involved in their routing and optimizer module. At the very minimum, they were insistent on prior exposure and knowledge in VRP (vehicle routing problem) with good mathematical skills for optimization issues.

To that note, familiarity with firebase and google services was a bonus.

Additionally, Node.js & ReactJS knowledge was a keen ask that they had in the skillset of the allocated resource.

The Challenge

The challenge was not of scale but of the precision of the skill that the client needed.
Thus the client could not flail and tinker around with freelancers, development sweatshops, and generic software partners.

They wanted the resource to be adequately trained with the various nitty-gritties in the Front-end stack and know the nuances that go along with crafting a user-centric solution. One that is logically sound, in crafting logistical solutions.

Therefore, Netsmartz needed to bring in a Senior resource who had experience in driving an entire project – without additional help or managerial notions in play.

Also, Netsmartz was keenly aware of the budget constraints. The client was clear on the RoI they expected and did not want to waste time or resources.

This also meant firing on all fronts, from Day 1. No hand-holding, or introductory measures.

Herein, Netsmartz’s autonomous expertise came into play – as well as the skills of our resource.

The Solution

Netsmartz had defined the requirements with the in-house team of Shyftbase. On that note, we brought in a Senior resource who was well-versed in the Transportation & Logistics industry – having already delivered software solutions of the same sort to another client.

The engagement with Shyftbase kickstarted based on solely their Front-end requirements. Polishing the UX, defining Mockflows, and writing the front-end code. The resource recommended ReactJS after due interaction, collaboration, and requirement analysis to craft the front-end on.

This helped the client preemptively tackle the premise of obsolescence, after which an on-point Front-end for the product was delivered.

Our Process

The project was a one-shot engagement. They needed a specific resource with prior experience in their industry. They wanted no fuss in hiring, no hand-holding requirements, and seamless delivery of front-end code to sit on top of their robust product. Netsmartz had its work cut out. Here’s how we proceeded:

Resource Allocation

The selection was quick and precise. We sifted amongst prevetted resources to select a Front-end expert who had experience managing and programming in the Logistics industry. After taking a thorough understanding of the requirements of the client, Netsmartz deployed a Senior resource for the Development work.

Autonomy of Operations and Delivery of Resources

The resource leveraged their experience and delivered the front-end architecture and code to the client. The relevant experience also helped our Develop eliminate the need for tedious back-and-forths, consistent collaboration, and bothersome managerial tenets – thus ensuring true ownership of the product. This streamlined delivery resulted in a fluid engagement, minimal interaction, and yet a fruitful engagement for the client.

The Result

The sound UX/UI granted the client a strong take-to-market proposition – wherein they could present and launch the transport solution for the target industry.

The process that Netsmartz established enabled the client to build a seamless Web app, which in turn expanded their user base, and the functional aspect of the app – and finally resulted in a cushy sale of their transport management solution.

The front-end Netsmartz’s developer crafted for Shyftbase enabled the client to package their entire solution and bring in an aesthetic derivative that was crucial for customer onboarding.

Thus making their partnership with Netsmartz a win-win arrangement.


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