Upgrading Solution with New Features for a SaaS Company

AI ChatBot Interactions for Fundraising Platform

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The solution was built as a two-part, multi-use system designed and created from the voice of public safety. The paired system includes software and a 360-degree spherical image capture kit and is used for documenting scenes like municipal code violations & homicide scene investigations.

About The Company

Specializing in data collection, workflow processes and offering hardware and software solutions, the company works with their clients to define, develop and deliver the best SAAS based solution to fit each client’s unique needs. The customer works in a way to ensure successful implementation of each solution by selecting only the best of breed manufacturers and offering robust customer support.

About Evertrue

The Tech Stack









Electron JS






Team Composition

The team consists of Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Quality Analysts, Full stack Developer, Project Manager and designer.

The Problem Statement

The most significant issues that the customer was facing were related to –

  • The framework and libraries version being used in applications. Adding new features to scale up an existing solution was a bit difficult for the client and they reached out to Netsmartz to get this covered.
  • Managing the security protocols within the solution. Considering the solution was a security-based one, privacy was important which was lacking in the initial code.
  • Scaling up the old code. We had to refactor the entire code to make it scalable.
  • No testing framework or process was set up initially.

The Challenge

  • he main challenge with the desktop application was that the frameworks and libraries were very outdated and had a lot of security lapses cause of which we had to rebuild the structure from the scratch.
  • Code structure was not set up correctly and again had to be done from the scratch.

The Solution

  • Netsmartz helping by set up a team of professionals, developers working through all the tech stacks and all the integration prerequisites.
  • A team of seasoned professionals at Netsmartz ensured a firm grip on the system and well planned and phased approach, which led to a smooth and efficient implementation of every module in a time-boxed sprint.

Our Process

Netsmartz helping the client by segmenting the software development into different steps:

Brainstorming and team requirement mapping

Proper Brainstorming and requirement mapping was done with the client’s team as per the features. After planning, a proper roadmap was designed for the project.

Skill identification & team integrations

Team worked on documenting the user stories and UI preparation with the client. Proper skill identification was made, and a team well-versed in Node, Vue, Electron, and Cordova was deployed.

Project planning & launch plan

Project planning and launch plan were setup with a phased approach. Discussions were done with the client to bring them up to speed with the plan for upgrading all the frameworks and libraries and for restructuring the entire code based on correct standards.

Team Deployment & Sprint planning

Team was deployed to work on the application. The team consisted of Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Quality Analysts, Full stack Developer, Project Manager and designer to deliver the best application development. Sprint planning and execution were monitored through JIRA.

The Result

Netsmartz’s association with the client resulted in the following;

  • The client had a better view of the product development and phase development.
  • Better code quality and structure were setup to make the legacy code usable for any scaling up that needs to be done to the solution.
  • The transparent vision of the current and future product development helped the client plan a better marketing strategy.


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