Offering seamless experience with AI Chatbot interactions for Fundraising Platform

AI ChatBot Interactions for Fundraising Platform

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Netsmartz’s solution transformed higher education engagement, offering automated summaries and AI Chatbot interactions for seamless experiences. Witness innovation at its finest.

About The Company

The client, a frontrunner in innovative solutions for academic institutions, is reshaping the landscape of alumni engagement and fundraising strategies. Their platform empowers universities and colleges to foster lasting connections with their alumni network by embracing cutting-edge technology. With an eye toward the future, our client is harnessing the potential of emerging AI technology by incorporating it into their application. At present, they harness the capabilities of OpenAI’s model while simultaneously designing the framework to seamlessly transition to other Language Models (LLMs) whenever the need arises.

About Evertrue

The Tech Stack


Java with Dropwizard framework


GPT-3.5 Language Model


Mustache for rendering prompts


GraphQL for data querying

Team Composition

13 (2 .NET, 1 Laravel, 6 Java + ReactJS Fullstack, 2 AI Engineers, 2 QA)

The Problem Statement

The platform showcased a manually crafted summary of user inputs, intricately gathering essential data from diverse tables and seamlessly weaving it into a coherent summary text. Nonetheless, this operation was a labor-intensive endeavor. Furthermore, an absence of an AI Chatbot capable of responding to user inquiries by intuitively generating clarifying questions represents a missed opportunity in the system’s functionality, one that could enhance user interaction and experience.

The Challenge

There were several critical challenges our client had to overcome to achieve these objectives:

  • Transitioning from manual summary writing to automated AI-generated summaries might require system workflow and user expectation adjustments as users get accustomed to a different output generation process.
  • Training the AI Chatbot to effectively understand and respond to a wide array of user queries with relevant questions necessitates substantial initial efforts in data collection, fine-tuning, and ongoing maintenance to ensure accuracy.
  • Implementing a cached transaction feature for the AI Chatbot presents the challenge of developing a robust memory system that can accurately store and retrieve previous interactions while also managing potential ambiguities that might arise from maintaining context over extended conversations.

The Solution

With Netsmartz’s pivotal involvement, their platform underwent a remarkable change, ushering in a new era of user-centric functionality and interaction.

  • The integration of AI technology enabled the platform to generate comprehensive summaries from user inputs automatically. This innovative approach streamlined the summary creation process and significantly reduced the manual effort previously required.
  • Netsmartz’s technological contributions were instrumental in enhancing user engagement and experience. We facilitated the seamless integration of an AI Chatbot feature. Users now enjoy a more dynamic and interactive experience as the AI Chatbot comprehends and responds to their inquiries naturally and engagingly.
  • Netsmartz’s deep involvement led to another significant enhancement in the cached transaction feature within the AI Chatbot. This innovative functionality empowers the AI to remember and recall past user interactions. As a result, conversations become more fluid and coherent, with the AI retaining context from previous exchanges.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed the following process to fulfill the requirements of the client:

Mapping & Identifying Appropriate Resources

The preliminary task was to identify skilled resources to work on the project. Since the project was significantly high-grade – in terms of expertise and skill required, the resources were allocated dedicatedly to see the project through.

Commencing Development

After the resource allocation, the developers started working on the problem statement, defining the benchmarks, fixing bugs and errors, and crafting a better solution.

The Result

Our experts have spearheaded the integration of groundbreaking features, such as automated AI-generated summaries, a seamlessly integrated AI Chatbot, and the innovative cached transaction capability. As a result, we enhanced their user experience and interaction, positioning their platform at the forefront of technological innovation in user engagement and data processing.


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