Netsmartz crafted a Complete Real Estate Transaction Management Solution

Real Estate Transaction Management


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Netsmartz was engaged to deliver a complete real estate transaction management solution replete with contract & data management functionality.

About The Company

The client is a real estate company that powers realtors with smart technology and provides impact-driven tech solutions to the industry’s secure and high-utility applications. The organization is a strong player in the real estate industry and is bringing a cutting-edge solution to property management for seamless compliance and transaction.

About Resure

The Tech Stack





Microsoft .NET








Team Composition

The team for Resure comprised 7 developers, 1 PM, 3 QA experts, 1 technical admin, and 1 Data security expert.

The Problem Statement

Real estate as an industry has a lot of inertia and slow-moving parts. To this end, Resure wanted to deliver a comprehensive and holistic solution to manage a Realtor’s management requirements – including transactions, contract management, and secure compliance through an all-encompassing dashboard.

The end expectation was that of a transaction management solution that would offer a feature-packed ecosystem that can create contracts, manage & change documents, and provide geographical, and biometric security features.

The Challenge

The primary challenge in crafting the solution was to cover all aspects of transaction security for access, authorization, data in motion, and data storage.

Additionally, Netsmartz was required to build a visual dashboard that provides Maximum Situational Awareness and Transaction Progress (Who, What, When, Where, Why).

Furthermore, the client also required us to focus on:

  • Creating an Easy to Read colorful dashboard.
  • Fully Responsive ecosystem with full-scale data interaction and rapid data response.
  • Minimal & Clean UI to accentuate the UX and the functional aspects of the software.

Since the engagement had to have a security component in place to ensure compliance, Resure could not just hire freelancers or deploy a developer sweatshop.

They needed reliable partners with experience in managing data compliance and security issues.

Herein Netsmartz came into the picture. Netsmartz was required to allocate experienced developers with PMs and Business analysts to take accord of the client’s projects.

This is where Netsmartz’s expertise was instrumental. From our flexible engagement models to dedicated development resources and a self-sustained team unit with PMs, QA, and Technical expertise to power the growth of the client’s operations.

The Solution

With a hands-on approach to the solution, Netsmartz decided to segment the software development into different steps –

  • Brainstorming and requirement mapping per the project’s road map.
  • Team deployment to work on the application providing development services, QA, and project management to deliver the application.
  • Programming the visual dashboard providing maximum situational awareness and transaction progress (who, what, when, where, why).
  • Working on the track’s progress and the correct & compliant execution of the real estate transaction solutions as per the client’s requirements.
  • Crafting a document outline view in hierarchical format for convenient reference.

Our Process

The end-to-end engagement with Super 7 UI was in phases

Team Engagement

The engagement was kickstarted with a requirement assessment, allocation plan, and discerning what sort of candidates and technical stack to utilize. After thoroughly mapping the client requirements, we positioned the candidates for their teams.

Mapping & Vetting Developers

Post-requirement assessment, proper vetting, and interviewing processes were followed. After vetting and interviews, the developers started working on the client’s projects.

Matching the Client’s Processes

The developers followed a set of processes and methodologies predetermined by Netsmartz and customized as per the client’s needs. The engagement included a PM to manage sprints and ensure good collaboration.

The Result

We crafted an application that Tracks Progress and “RE-Sures” Correct & Compliant Execution of the Real Estate Transaction and builds Lightning offers for Rapid & Automatic Contract creation when viewing Property.

Additionally, Netsmartz also created a compressed contract view that provides seamless reference functionality, document navigation, and better document control.


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