A global Print Medium Firm hired Netsmartz to build its new customized client portal

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Netsmartz LLC was brought in to create a one-point integration for gallery software and e-commerce companies to connect to a network of photography labs across the client’s targeted markets.

About The Company

The organization is a paper and media distributor which sells to the photography industry and has a digital imaging platform that is widely used in the North American and Australian markets. The client was keen on establishing an e-commerce market space to serve as their network, and provide a one-stop shop for photo labs, photographers, and photography software vendors.


The Tech Stack











React Native

React Native

Team Composition

The project entailed allocation of 5 full-time developers, and a project managers on the SCRUM team to work on incremental developmental sprints, a testing phase, and through to the delivery of an MVP.

The Problem Statement

The client wanted assured scalability options to boot the engagement. Particularly since they had to create an MVP first, and then iterate and add resources as per the customer feedback, and the feature orientation of the application.

On this note, they expected their software development partner to allocate a SPOC, offer a good price, and bring in skilled resources.

Since the engagement was started from an MVP, the client wanted to curtail the cost of development, ie the TCO (total cost of ownership). For that, they required a strategic partner – one who had the infrastructure to house the developers and offer credible services that could enhance their own profitability.

The Challenge

The media firm’s digital imaging platform is widely used in the North American and Australian markets. However, they still required a comprehensive platform to integrate their services and craft an easier way for companies to establish partnerships with solution providers such as photography production companies and photo websites.

The goal was defined: Provide consumers with a seamless experience when it comes to ordering, developing, and publishing photos.

To craft that seamless solution for companies and to build a network of service providers, Guy and his team engaged with Netsmartz LLC to create a custom software.

The Solution

The project had five phases. Starting with a feasibility architecture where the client and his team identified the scope of the project, a business analysis phase where they wrote high-level user stories in collaboration with us, and a SCRUM implementation where we keyed in. The client then focused on acquiring resources from Netsmartz to work on the project in developmental sprints, craft a testing phase for code audit and checks, and finally deliver an MVP.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed its proven routine of vetting, allocation, and collaboration for this engagement

Mapping & Vetting Resources

After the scope of development and testing was finalized, Netsmartz allocated a senior engineer to act as a SPOC, helm the engagement, and allocated developers flexibly to take care of the client’s development requirements. Additionally, the Senior Engineer also placed QA resources to manage bugs, and ascertain the viability of the client’s primary app.


Netsmartz’s team worked in an Agile manner – considering the iterative nature of development, as well as consistent feedback loops set in place. The work happened in collaborative development sprints with our Senior engineer. Netsmartz’s Senior Resource also worked towards creating a seamless collaboration schematic, while reducing the errors and issues on the platform.

Scaling & Reporting

The work and its impact were measured by the velocity of tickets that were being sorted and completed. In that regard, our Senior Resource delivered objective results and helped the organization and its team fix all of the bugs that were on their platform while ensuring seamless development.

The Result

Netsmartz’s customizable solution enabled the client to scale on-demand – thus eliminating any talent or hiring concerns.

Netsmartz not only took cognizance of their TCO and project runway but also took complete ownership of the project – providing the client with customizable and high-quality resources, much to the delight of their internal stakeholders. Throughout the partnership Netsmartz:

  • Established additional features
  • Resized the Scrum team
  • Sent the product out to early adopters and testers
  • And has also been hosting and operating the software’s APIs and Azure cloud system

Netsmartz is still working with the Media firm and crafting its platform.


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