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Our client, a leader in the industry, is a family-run enterprise based in Bristol, RI. With a vast warehouse, they offer supplies and expertise to makers, craftsmen, and marine enthusiasts. Their mission revolves around providing Tools and Inspiration for Craftsmen, emphasizing simplicity, customer focus, continuous improvement, perseverance, and a touch of fun.

About The Company

The client is a factory operations platform built for small and medium-size factories. The client helps with integration of equipment and tools in a factory to provide real-time data through dynamic work instructions for operators and technicians. Operators view clear instructions for each factory task and supervisors gain visibility into the productivity of operators and tools.

About Evertrue

The Tech Stack







Materia UI

Materia UI



Team Composition

The team consists of a Designer, ReactJS Developer, and Quality Analyst.

The Problem Statement

The significant issues the client faced are styling and expanding the capability of our customer resource center. Developing resources for customers around how to use our product (tutorials, guides, etc.). Implementing open-source tool for documentation to write content of the resources within the Docusaurus framework. Custom style the Docusaurus default and expand on its default capability.

The Challenge

The client’s main challenge was updating Material UI libraries in the existing system, styling default Docusaurus settings, matrix selection on user table, and drag and drop of rows within a step modal.

The Solution

Netsmartz helped set up a team of professionals, well-versed in research and working through, Custom designing on Docusaurus, Material UI, In line edits in a table, different matrix selection within a table and within a cell with different call to action on each matrix.

Our Process

Netsmartz helped the client by segmenting the software design development into different steps:

Brainstorming and Team Requirement Mapping

Proper Brainstorming and requirement mapping was done with the client’s team.

Kill Identification & Team Integrations

Team worked on documenting the user stories and UI preparation with the client. Proper skill identification was made, and a team well-versed in ReactJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Materia UI was deployed.

Team Deployment & Sprint Planning

Team deployment to work on the application. The team consisted of developers, QA, and QC, and project manager to deliver the best application development. Sprint planning and execution were monitored through JIRA.

The Result

Netsmartz’s association with the client resulted in the following;

  • The client has a better view of product development and phase development.
  • Better finance management for the client and seamless custom updating on third-party integrations.


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