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Netsmartz’s engagement with TAIQ was to build a solution and deliver technical expertise to drive product adoption.

About The Company

TAIQ™ (Think Act Interact Quotient) is a New York-based organization that focuses on providing a new measurement of inclusive behavior, bringing together and building upon the different well-established concepts of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and cognitive behavior.

The organization works with individuals and firms to drive data-focused inclusion, proprietary individual assessments and organizational surveys, and an engaging technology-driven development program.

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The Tech Stack

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Team Composition

The engagement started with a Fullstack developer embedded in the client team – looking at the codebase and structure to understand the overall solution.

The Problem Statement

The client had a single dedicated developer who decided to leave. Thus, they needed a dedicated full-stack resource that could come in and bring in their expertise to sort feature creation, and bug resolution – self-learning the platform’s intricacies, and working with the subject matter experts that the client provided.

The developer need to get a sense of the code on their own since there was little value added to the process from the client.

The client was bootstrapped, thus they were expecting a solution on a steep deadline to onboard customers.

The Challenge

The details, orientation, and structure – all of the code had to be studied, assessed, and mapped. That included the tech stack and the various tools used for the solution.

Thus, the developer had to learn additional tech stacks, build documentation, and craft features that could extend the existing platform.

The full-stack developer was supposed to work on the solution for 11 months – during which they wanted the developer to work exclusively on their project. This was in tow with the standup calls, subject matter sessions, and project iterations.

Furthermore, the developer had to consistently address feature additions, business imperatives, and code seamlessness while managing the timezone differences.

The Solution

Netsmartz identified a full-stack developer within our ranks to address the client’s requirements. The developer, on allocation, started taking sessions with the subject matter experts, to build an understanding of the vertical – while also studying the old codebase crafted by the client’s former developer.

On code assessment, the developer worked on code documentation, and workflow descriptions, to set an overall understanding based on the sessions and code review. This was done to create a rather useful asset for the client, which could be iterated upon and used for posterity.

Furthermore, the developer also worked with the client to derive a project timeline from delivering the expected solutions – keeping in mind the extension of the codebase.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed the following process to fulfill the client’s requirements:


Mapping & Identifying Appropriate Resources

The preliminary task was to identify a skilled, self-starting developer to work on the project. Since the expertise required and unknown variables were significant in terms of application, the developer allocated had to have experience in agile development.


Commencing Development

After the developer allocation, the code assessment and documentation started. The developer then set up milestones, and targets, and worked on the expectations set by the client.

The Result

Netsmartz was able to take ownership of the entire codebase.

The client provided the subject matter expertise, but the technical end of things was managed by the dedicated developer – from the code to features, bug resolution, and documentation.

Netsmartz delivered the solution to the client on a steep deadline to ensure a better time to market and launch to onboard customers.


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