Netsmartz crafts ERP System for Logistics Firm in the US

ERP system for Logistics

California, USALocation

18Team Size

Transport & Logistics Industry

Netsmartz started working with the client in June 2021 to initially develop their MVP then move on to their full-fledged production system – that is, their end-to-end hauling solution – replete with functionality and features necessary for the industry.

About The Company

The client is a logistics and transport platform that provides software for hauling system management. Offering a one-stop complete suite of CRM, Dispatching, Reporting, and Billing services, the client makes it easier for its clients to track, report, and assess a fleet of vehicles.

Offering a mobile-first system backed by a robust solution, the client provides essential functions necessary for:

  • Customer Management
  • Data-driven Fleet Management
  • Tracking & Assessment of Fleet Performance
  • Billing Automation

To build comprehensive software based on these requirements, the client partnered with Netsmartz to add skilled & experienced developers through our staff augmentation model.

About Hauler Hero

The Tech Stack

Java Technology


Springboot Technology






Automationg using Cucumber

Automation using Cucumber

Team Composition

Headed by an Engineering manager, Netsmartz deployed 6 Java developers, 5 ReactJS developers, 4 Automation QA resources, a dedicated QA manager and 2 Android developers.

The Problem Statement

The client wanted complete development, from scope to MVP to full-fledged product design and development, done by a single software development partner.

The client already had a barebones UI established and built on Figma and wanted their development partner to tinker with it, explore the gaps in it, and suggest the best UX for their product.

Thus, Netsmartz had to begin from scratch – from laying down the software’s architecture to developing features in different sprints (delivering features per sprint in a truly agile manner).

The Challenge

The primary challenge was introducing, vett, and build a large team of developers, managers, and QA resources in a quickly (over a weekend).

Since the client had extensive requirements, Netsmartz needed to introduce and deploy a cohesive unit for further software development and scaling of the product.

Additionally, since the client wanted an entire ecosystem of solutions across platforms (Android app, Software, MVP), the seamlessness of code, functionality, and knowledge transfer had to be ensured from the start. That meant no wiggling of resources and a dedicated developer allocation.

This further necessitated the deployment of a Project manager and a QA manager.

Since the client was funded, they were objective and precise with their investment and Netsmartz’ required role.

Furthermore, the client was onboarding its 1st customer within four months. Thus, the time-to-market was steep.

The Solution

Netsmartz started with a team of 6 developers to begin working on the software architecture. Soon after, the engineering manager and QA manager were introduced, and the team started planning the feature development and QA processes, respectively.

The Engineering manager was instrumental in setting up the roadmap leading to the MVP completion and further planning for a full-scale product. At the same time, the QA manager focused on setting up QA processes, along with the planning to bring automation testing into the loop.

The rest of the team of 6 developers and 4 QA engineers were brought in to move toward the MVP.

With the MVP development started, the Engineering manager and QA manager could concentrate their effort on setting up a roadmap for the entire system.

After that, the developers focused on sprints to push out features – thus making way for the entire product to take shape.

All the ceremonies of True Agile were practiced in developing this solution – Sprint Planning, Sprint Demo, Sprint retrospective, and Daily SCRUM.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed the following process to fulfill the requirements of the client:

Mapping & Identifying Appropriate Resources

The preliminary task was to identify skilled resources to work dedicatedly on the project. Since the project was intensive in its requirements, the early allocation of the engineering manager & QA manager (Senior resources) was done to lay the foundation for the project.

Client Interviews

After the resource selection, the developer candidates were introduced to the client for further vetting and interviews. This process also included getting the developers acquainted with the client, their requirements, their processes, and their methodologies.

Team Engagement

Post the team selection; we started by assessing the client’s requirements and understanding their tech stack and engineering requirements.

Scaling the Team Size

After the initial phases were done and the MVP was built, Netsmartz introduced more developer resources to scale the project.

The Result

The primary achievements of this project were:

  • Setting up the team and deploying dedicated resources over a weekend.
  • Enabling quicker MVP development – thus significantly boosting the time-to-market, which further leads to fast customer onboarding.
  • Customer onboarding and the client reached an ARR of $1M less than a year from the first line of code being written.

The faster time to market & overnight team setup was enabled by Netsmartz’s extensive pool of experienced and skilled resources as well as our flexible, on-demand engagement models.

Since the project had a steep deadline for the MVP, the resource allocation was intensive, including sessions with the client’s subject matter experts, increased code velocity, and overtime spent.

This allocation was helmed by 2 Senior resources – the Engineering Manager and the QA Manager – which led to successful sprints and high performance from the entire team.

Additionally, the suggestive approach adopted by the team helped improve the product as we progressed along with the development.

The expertise brought in by the Engineering Manager helped Netsmartz recommend and build additional features that were viable for the client for both customer onboarding and scaling of the product.

Furthermore, the original architecture built by the team helped the client scale their product to a large user base and not rely on hardware resources for performance (limited server resources).


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