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Netsmartz helped a gaming company by implementing automated software deployment, configuration management, and containerization using tools like Perforce, Jenkins, and OpenVPN, improving software development efficiency.

About The Company

The client is a leading player in the multiplayer gaming industry, providing users with an exciting and immersive gaming experience. With a rapidly growing user base and a diverse range of games.

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The Tech Stack

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Ansible and Chef

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The Problem Statement

Netsmartz was approached by a gaming company specializing in multiplayer games and faced challenges in maintaining application stability and delivering new features quickly. Due to an exponential growth in the number of users and games, the client needed a dedicated testing environment to improve their software development process. Netsmartz worked with the client to develop a solution enabling them to test new features and updates in a controlled environment, allowing for more efficient and effective software development.

The Challenge

The client was struggling to maintain application stability and deliver new features quickly.

  • Manual infrastructure setup was time-consuming and led to delays in updates and maintenance, further slowing down the development process. Deployments were slow and unreliable, causing users frustration and lose of revenue for the client.
  • Implementing a CI/CD pipeline automation with Jenkins required significant time and resources. Automating infrastructure setup and maintenance with Ansible and Chef was also challenging due to ensuring compatibility across different systems and environments.
  • Containerizing applications with Docker led to faster and more reliable deployments but also required significant changes to the client’s infrastructure and development process.
  • Lastly, securing remote access to the infrastructure with OpenVPN required careful consideration of security and access control policies.

The Solution

Netsmartz implemented various solutions that transformed the client’s software development process.

  • The team started by automating the software deployment process using Perforce for version control and Jenkins for continuous integration and delivery. This allowed for faster and more reliable updates.
  • Next, Ansible and Chef were used for configuration management, automating the deployment of updates and patches to the applications and services.
  • To containerize the applications and services, Docker and Kubernetes were used. This allowed for easy scaling and management of the infrastructure while keeping cardholder data secure. These technologies made it easier to maintain a secure and efficient system.
  • Lastly, the team configured OpenVPN to secure remote access to the development environment, ensuring only authorized personnel could access the system.

Our Process

To build a cohesive engagement replete with updates, QA, and feedback loops, Netsmartz followed the following process.

Talent Identification

We started with assessing the client’s requirements and understanding their tech stack and engineering requirements. After a thorough assessment and multiple feedback & interviews, we sorted the candidates for the client’s dedicated team.

Team Engagement

The team worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and develop solutions to their challenges. They followed an agile development methodology with regular updates, QA, and feedback loops to ensure that the project was progressing in the right direction and meeting the client’s expectations.

The Result

Netsmartz was able to successfully overcome the challenges faced by the gaming company through the implementation of various solutions. By automating the software deployment process, using configuration management tools, and containerizing applications and services, the client significantly improved the reliability and efficiency of their software development process.


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