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Netsmartz worked with this SaaS-based client to help them augment their development team and turn their vision into a robust product idea. This engagement primarily focused on assisting clients in building a solution that would allow them to deliver a better customer experience while having live sessions with renowned personalities.

About The Company

The client is a video-chat-based platform that allows its clients to have one-to-one conversations with many renowned personalities. The users (influencers) can easily sign-up to access the features on the app, while the people who wish to attend the sessions must purchase the tickets and get insights on a one-to-one basis.

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The Tech Stack

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React JS

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React Native

Team Composition

The final team comprised of 5 talented resources that consisted of Developers, a Project manager, and a Quality Analyst.

The Challenge

The lack of an in-house team that can help the client build and adapts to the growing user demands was the biggest challenge.

In order to integrate and provide innovative solutions, every organization needs a robust team of highly skilled engineers that can flex and scale up to secure long-term success. This is where the client decided to approach Netsmartz.

The client had a strong product vision, but the entire challenge lied with having tech engineering partners that can turn this vision into reality.

The Solution

The client was not just looking for technical expertise but also for innovative developers that can help them take their video chat product to next level.

Through our staff augmentation service, we provided clients with an expert term of five that helped them support their operations. We boosted their in-house development team with expert team of React JS, Node JS developers, QA engineers, and Business Analysts.

Netsmartz assisted the client in building a solution that would allow seamless connectivity and a better customer experience in live sessions with the influencers.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed the following process to fulfill the requirements of the client:

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Team hand-over & Engagement

The project was kickstarted by taking the complete team handover and revamping the entire team structure. After the required assessment for the project, plan allocation was done to map the client requirements and candidate interviews. After thoroughly mapping the client requirements, we sorted the candidates for their teams.

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Mapping & Vetting developers

Following the client’s request to expand slowly, a thorough vetting and interviewing procedure for a web developer was implemented. The web developer engaged in the client’s projects after being vetted and interviewed.

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Team Expansion

Netsmartz expanded the team to 5 resources from initial number of 2 based on the client’s requirements after specific progress and proof of work/methodology.

The Result

The engagement with the client is meant to help them augment their team to build a more modern and innovative user-friendly video chat product.

After completing this project, the client could seamlessly conduct sessions with different influencers and scale their digital environment.

The solution built by Netsmartz ended up being more cohesive, and better aligned with the overall development environment.


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