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Improving Operational Capabilities for Startup projects with Dedicated Resources & Staff Augmentation

Strategic Uptake

The advisor wished to leverage Netsmartz’s services to expand operations and add features with offshore resources. The 1st engagement’s success catapulted the Partnership to 5 different projects.

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For the projects with this advisor, Netsmartz allocated a dedicated roster of Engineering Managers, Project Managers, Full-stack developers, iOS Developers, Android Developers, QA experts, and Cross-platform Mobile developers.


The advisor had a critical strategic role to play in a bunch of startups and products. As such, the requirements from the advisor were clear – pertaining to what was wanted with a Software Development Partner.

  • Sustain capital: The advisor wanted to partner with a Software development house that could offer reasonable prices and flexible models to allow a longer operational time frame for extending runways.
  • Reduce capital investment: Reduce initial capital requirement. Eliminate need to train, assess, and guide resources.
  • Need for autonomous units: The advisor required Dedicated Software development teams housed in Tech campuses instead of freelance developer bodies. Additionally, the engagement warranted the need for all sorts of engineering resources like QA, Full-stack dev, PMs, BAs, Subject Matter experts, etc.
  • Proven methodology: Engineering scalability that can be powered by a Dedicated team without much assistance, or training.

The Challenge

The advisor had a difficult predicament. The advisor’s clients had readymade products that had an adequate foundation.

However, the advisor required the products to be shaped, enhanced, optimized and launched in their respective verticals. For this purpose, the advisor was on the lookout for a Dedicated Software Development partner – one that could manage the scale of operations; had an ample talent pool, had global infra and operations, and could work in a flexible rolling-base engagement, as and when needed.

For further projects, the client also wanted additional resources that could build a technical product from scratch. This meant onboarding developers for a longer period of time, allocation of dedicated PMs, and BAs, as well as sufficient technical expertise for product launch and support.

This brought Netsmartz’s expertise in managing both aspects of a startup –

  • Managing existing product scaling needs as well as
  • Building a product from scratch right from the PoC/MVP stage to launch to scale.

The Strategic Picture

Advantages Netsmartz was able to bring –

  • Internal Training processes:
    1. Management of Product Engineering & Business scaling scopes.
    2. Engineering Learning & Development to power Tech stack understanding, compliance, performance, and scalability tenets.

The structure and the infra Netsmartz already had in place for the L&D and INternal training enabled the client to leverage skilled and proficient resources who could tackle business and operational aspects – while taking care of end-to-end product engineering, programming, QA, scaling, and maintenance.

The internal training also allowed Netsmartz enough leeway to allocate resources as and when the advisor wanted.

  • Timezone simplicity
    1. Resources available across different geographies

The different tech campuses and resources allowed Netsmartz to provide a NO-Delay collaboration wherein, SPoCs or PMs consistently managed the client’s requirements without any timezone discrepancy.

Furthermore, the availability of Developers whenever the client wanted enhanced the collaborative essence, enabling better iterations, better brainstorming, and quicker feedback loops.


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