eCommerce Store Migration & Redevelopment for a Fundraising Company

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A fundraising company hired Netsmartz LLC to assist in their site’s migration to Magento 2.

About The Company

The organization is a fundraising company – with a growing scale of operations and requirements pertaining to engineering and development talent.

Located in Upstate New York, the client works primarily with elementary schools, middle schools, and educational institutions to develop and implement fun, creative, profitable, and unique fundraising ideas.

About Art Funding

The Tech Stack


Magento 2

Elastic Search

Elastic Search









Team Composition

Two project managers, a software engineer, and a variety of team members were deployed on a need-to-have basis for the client.

The Problem Statement

Netsmartz LLC was hired to assist in the site’s migration to Magento 2.

The client’s website had initially been created by a small group of developers and they quickly outgrew their abilities. Thus, the client had moved around between developers for a few years trying to find a good fit for managing their increased business operations and scale and continuing to provide enhanced ease of use for their customers.

This is where Netsmartz plugged in its expertise and services to help them grow.

The Challenge

The client’s requirements were immediate from a business expansion perspective.

To choose a reliable partner, the client connected with the team at Adobe, where they assisted the client in finding a company to assist in the M2 migration. The purpose was to find a Development partner that would also be able to manage & expand on the client’s customized portions of Magento.

Additionally, the client wanted a team that had knowledge of the platforms used, understood eCommerce customer needs and could scale quickly – providing a faster time to market, since the timing of the client’s main selling periods were closely linked to the school year.

The Solution

The engagement started with a Discovery meeting followed by a review of the client’s existing code by the Netsmartz developers. Milestones were set up at that time in line with the client’s goals, and future scaling plans.

To that end, Netsmartz held weekly meetings as well as Milestone meetings to review what had been completed and was ready for testing.

This allowed the client to scale their website, tackle future potential of obsolescence, as well as build a more strategic eCommerce solution to align with their business needs.

Our Process

Here was the process followed for Original Works:

Team Engagement

After the introduction and reference from Adobe, Netsmartz did a discovery call with the client. The discovery call highlighted the requirements, and the immediate need of dedicated resource allocation. After thoroughly mapping the client requirements, we brought in prevetted developers for further vetting and introductions.

Mapping & Vetting Developers

Post-requirement assessment, proper vetting, and interviewing processes, the developers kicked in the progress. The PMs along with the developers crafted a milestone document.

Development Progress

The client was provided with a milestone document as well as a breakdown of work being done at every stage. As usual, the team at Netsmartz was typically immediately available and very responsive by email.

The Result

With Netsmartz services, the client was able to continue to serve its customers during Covid lockdowns and implement their strategic expansion through a new online only program that was offered to the client’s school customers.


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