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Pioneering Intelligent Automation with State-of-the-art Infrastructure and Configuration Management.

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DevOps Infrastructure and Configuration Management
Transform your manual business to automated solutions

Empowering enterprises with ICM excellence

Take charge of your infrastructure like never before with our game-changing automation solutions. From on-premises to virtual and cloud-based environments, we empower your IT team to manage and safeguard every data center endpoint effortlessly.

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Benefits of Infrastructure & Configuration Management

Experience unparalleled advantages with Netsmartz's immutable infrastructure configuration management services!

Our expert team ensures the utmost stability and reliability by adhering to established change management processes, monitoring configurations, and controlling changes. Bid farewell to unplanned downtime and welcome optimized performance.

Safeguard your configuration data with our stringent security measures, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access and breaches. With our release CMS, we maintain impeccable version control for smooth software and hardware component deployments.

Streamline processes, boost efficiency, and minimize manual efforts with our impeccable configuration management services. Focus on core business activities and elevate productivity while fostering seamless collaboration with our team.

Our reporting and audit trail management services guarantee compliance with regulations, standards, and contractual requirements, ensuring you avoid legal or financial penalties. Access up-to-date and accurate configuration data for informed decision-making and resource allocation.

 Benefits of deploying CI/CD services

ICM Services We Offer

Embrace the agility of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with our cutting-edge solutions, enabling rapid and consistent deployment of servers.

Why Netsmartz

Experience the Netsmartz Excellence - Secure, Stable, Streamlined

Fortified Security

Safeguard your assets with continuous security enablement and vulnerability assessment powered by 40+ security tools and advanced technologies, proactively eliminating threats at an early stage.

Innovation-driven Solutions

Embrace comprehensive security with our infrastructure configuration management services empowered by best-in-class disaster recovery and innovative threat management strategies.

Optimized Cost Structure

Benefit from a low total cost of ownership, accelerated development, reduced administrative time, and enhanced operational agility, ensuring faster releases.

Seamless Collaboration

Foster increased collaboration between development, security, and operations teams, facilitating smooth and synergistic operations.

Our Complete Suite of DevOps Services

Join us in sculpting business brilliance – where efficiency, resilience, and adaptability intertwine. We deliver exceptional results through a comprehensive range of DevOps services thoughtfully designed for maximum efficiency.

Our Suite of ICM Tools

We employ state-of-the-art tools and automation technologies to deliver top-notch configuration management services.

DevOps Consulting

Take your IT Infrastructure to the next level!

Transform Your IT Efficiency with Netsmartz's cutting-edge infrastructure configuration management services to optimize your operations.

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DevOps Expert Guidance

Success Stories

Learn how organizations are redefining business norms with our cutting-edge
Cloud and IT infrastructure services


Manufacturing Industry / USA

Creating a Multi-Region Platform to Sell Engineered Access Solutions

Pet Industry / Norway

Migrating On-Premise Infrastructure For A Company In Pet Industry

Gaming Industry / US (Global)

Transforming Software Development for a Multiplayer Gaming Company



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