DevOps Maturity Assessment Check Your DevOps Health Now

Welcome to our DevOps Maturity Assessment questionnaire! This assessment is designed to help you understand your current DevOps maturity level and identify areas for improvement. By completing this questionnaire, you’ll gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses and receive personalized recommendations to support you on your DevOps journey.

Section 1: Current Practices

  1. How would you describe your current software development process?

  2. Which of the following best describes your deployment frequency?

  3. How do you manage infrastructure provisioning?

  4. How do you handle software testing in your organization?

Section 2: Tools and Technologies

  1. Which version control system do you use?

  2. How do you manage your software artifacts?

  3. What tools do you use for automated testing?

  4. How do you monitor your applications and infrastructure?

Section 3: Culture and Collaboration

  1. How would you describe the collaboration between your development, operations, and business teams?

  2. How do you handle failures and incidents in your organization?

Section 4: Continuous Improvement

  1. How do you measure the success of your DevOps initiatives?

  2. Is there a standard process for gathering and reporting these metrics?

  3. What steps do you take to foster a culture of continuous improvement?