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Netsmartz, which has a long and fruitful relationship with the client, contributed by re-designing the solution architecture and implementing the proposed design and modernization of the tech stack for their OTT platform to accommodate changes brought about by changing market dynamics.

About The Company

The client is a DTH giant based in India, with in-house content production and distribution. It is one of the best DTH service providers in India and offers a word class television viewing experience via DTH connection. It has more than 17 million + connections.

The client also hosts one of the major OTT platforms with 3M+ subscribers and 16+ partners with a growing customer and partner base. They stream video on demand to a number of devices with various configurations. They provide live streaming by partnering with various content providers.

The client partnered with Netsmartz in its endeavor to constantly evolve along with the changing market dynamics and create a ubiquitous OTT platform to service its users with the best content viewing experience.

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The Tech Stack



Spring Framework

Spring Framework





Kong API Gateway

Kong API Gateway



Team Composition

The team consists of 4 Java Developers and 1 Solution Architect.

The Problem Statement

The client had partnered with different vendors to provide locked-in media streaming devices to its customers.

Keeping in mind the customer preferences, the client wanted to remove all restrictions and migrate to unlocked media streaming devices from the existing locked devices. The client was already having the solution developed but can only work on certain types of devices which was locked by the manufacturer.

The client wanted to re-design the application so that the application is unlocked and can be accessed through different play stores. That solution now must access a different back-end service and exhibit different behavior as per business needs.

The Challenge

There were 300,000+ devices that were locked and already distributed to the consumers. The unlocking of those devices cannot be done at any time and not in a matter of second.

A strategy is needed to make sure all locked devices are converted and get the upgraded application.

Project management and QA is critical as these changes were affecting a variety of devices.

The timeline for the design and development was tight as the process involved action from the device manufacturer’s end.

There was a solution already developed and deployed to 300000+ devices by the manufacturer and with the rollout of new deployment the client wanted to integrate more large-screen devices.

The new solution shall not be using the old back-end. There was a common back-end that was being used by other products of the customer. The customer required that the same back-end be used.

This added more complexity to the project as any change introduced for the new solution can break other systems depending on it. Thus, quality control and project management become crucial area.

The Solution

To start with we designed the solution for the unlocked devices. Defining various platform specific configurations, the back end was enabled to handle the new solution with minimal modification but with convention over configuration.

A team started with back-end changes along with the QA team testing them daily. The front-end team started working after a week, the back end and QA completed certain modules in the sprint.

Breaking the whole solution into various modules with less number of sprints covered the wholesolution.

Our Process

Netsmartz followed the following process to fulfill the requirements of the client:

Mapping & Identifying Appropriate Resources

Since the project was supposed to be completed in record time, recognition of the right talent with the right skill set was the key to success for the project. Identification of an experienced Solution Architect bode well for the project as the system required a complete overhaul.

Client Interviews

After the resource selection, the developer candidates were introduced to the client for further vetting and interviews. This process also included getting the developers acquainted with the client, their requirements, their processes, and their methodologies.

Team Engagement

Post the team selection; we started by assessing the client’s requirements and understanding their tech stack and engineering requirements.

The Result

  • The new solution was developed in 8 months. Considering the complexity of the project, this was a great turnaround time.
  • Due to the efficient design made by Netsmartz solution architect the QA was through in each module and thus the regression was reduced to 30%
  • Load testing and integration testing were done in planned sprints with other teams involved.
  • Communication was paramount in these kinds of projects where many teams depend upon a certain service. The team was communicating using all the modern tools available and successfully completed the solution.

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